Top 3 Apps to Help You Watch Over Your Children and Family

Today, it is too difficult to control your children and be maximally informed in their lives. People are staying late at their work, which means less time for everything else. When you add social networks to where all children spend a lot of time, you have the feeling that you are fighting windmills. It doesn’t have to be that way anymore, because there are applications that will help you stay informed. They are fantastic because of the large number of options that help you in this task. Of course, this applies not only to your children but also to the whole family that you can supervise and thus take care of their safety.

However, today there are really too many of them. If you haven’t researched enough about them and don’t have the time to do so, read our observations on these apps. We have selected the top 3 apps that are the most popular today, and you can find their characteristics in the rest of the text. Keep reading and find out what these applications are and why people adore them so much.

1. Spyfone

Source: Children and Family

It is impossible not to find this application in the top 3 apps, considering how enthusiastic people are about its functioning. In the first place, there is the possibility of monitoring all family phones on one account. It is an opportunity to be informed every day where the members are and what they are doing at that time. With all its possibilities, you can be sure of your children’s movements, which is the most important thing, and thus make sure that they stay in a safe place. With this application, you do not have to worry that they will wander into some illegal areas that can be very dangerous for them.

You may also like the most that it is completely free while at the same time being quite a useful spying tool. You can opt for an app that gives you a complete insight into their socializing, daily activities and movements and their contacts. In doing so, you can go back in history or extract the data of the last 24/7 as well as the map of the geographical area. You really don’t have to know much about phones, because this application is very easy to use. We must mention that this is not a hidden application and that the person will know that it is installed on his phone. This is definitely a good thing, because you will not use hidden applications that can undermine their trust when they are discovered. Spyfone even has other features and you can see those features at

2. No Nanny Parental Control

Source: Tom’s Guide

For this application, we can say that it can be the best for iOS. The perfect design makes it easy to use and provides an amazing user experience. Also, great features when it comes to web filters, but there are some things that most people don’t like. This refers to the lack of some options such as call/texting monitoring, but also to the higher price. Regardless of this, people really use it because it covers a lot of it. When we mention higher costs, we actually mean paying for additional functions that you can use, but believe us, it’s worth it. So, these features represent different levels that give you many advantages and better spying.

On the other hand, free levels also allow you to use the app just not for kids. This allows you to edit Family Feed, get parental advice on how to better control children online, but without paid extras you will not be able to really see what children are doing. After payment, it is enough to register and immediately enjoy the premium features that are fantastic. However, if this is too expensive a user experience for you, we would advise you to turn to some free apps like Spyfone and others.

3. Norton Family

Source: Google Play

We present you another app that can connect you with the whole family by getting their contacts and applications on your phone. So the number you can reach when it comes to members is unlimited, you also have access 24/7 to different data. Parents are thrilled with these features because the application almost meets all the requirements of a person who has high standards when it comes to child care. That is why they are very popular in parenting circles, because they provide incredible opportunities to track location, time periods and search history.

It works with most platforms, but the disadvantages are limited iOS features and a higher price if it covers one device. Until recently, this application was free, but lately it has been strictly paid. Of course, it is not a big expense because it costs only a few tens of dollars a year. However, users like it the most because it is not limited when it comes to devices and therefore not a bad investment. The interface may not look the best yet, but you will easily master all the functions. At the top you will have the pros of each child, and you will easily select and manipulate his profile through various categories of applications.

Spy apps

Source: VIATEC

Cyberbullying is a big problem and unfortunately it is getting bigger. The reason is constant technological advances and the popularity of social networks. Of course, the digital platform is above all great for upgrading communication and socialization skills. However, there are people there who do not have good intentions or bring with them bigger problems. They are dangerous to their environment and we can usually recognize them when we meet them on the street or during a live conversation. Keep in mind that even then, it would be harder for your child to notice suspicious behavior, especially when it comes to the social network. Then it is difficult for professionals to catch more serious criminals.

However, such things greatly affect children and expose them to most dangerous situations. So do not allow your child to encounter a potential malicious act. Take advantage of some serious apps that can help you set up properly as a parent. You will also be more familiar with your child’s company, and if you are a parent of a teenager, you know how closed they are and how little they actually tell you. Instead of trying hard, turn to these reliable sources and protect your family from bad influences.


It is natural to want the best for your family, and you are safest when you are together. However, each member has a fulfilled life and daily obligations that make it impossible for them. That’s why you don’t have to spend hours thinking about their safety, because the applications have made sure that your family is always together. Take advantage of all their benefits and be carefree.