Top 8 Countries to Visit in Africa for 2024

Africa is one of the most beautiful continents. Not only does it have the most diverse wildlife, but its culture is unique and spiritual. It often happens that people who visit this continent return richer with experience and different perspectives on life. Due to the long history and unique heritage, visiting Africa has been on the top of the bucket lists for numerous people. If you are interested in reading more about this beautiful part of the world, check out the WhileInAfrica website.

It is often said that everyone should go to Africa at least one in their lifetime. If you are considering doing it now, and you are having difficulties with deciding which country to visit, the following list containing the top 8 African countries will hopefully be helpful. Take a look!

1. Zambia

Source: Britannica

Zambia is the country to visit in order to experience the true African spirit. Besides its beautiful wild life, including zebras, hippos and giraffes, Zambia is a home to the world’s largest waterfall – Victoria Falls. By visiting this country, you will get to know the locals and get an opportunity to taste the remarkable African cuisine. Further, if you are into the adrenaline rush, this country will not disappoint you either. In that sense, you can try white-water rafting on the Zambezi River. According to the tourists, this is one of the best experiences Zambia has to offer.

2. Namibia

Source: Rough Guides

If you are looking for souvenirs when visiting a foreign country, Namibia will suit you perfectly. Make sure to check out the Okahandja craft market for the most unique souvenirs. On this market, the locals sell their handmade products, and you can buy something which will remind you of this country once you go home. Also, interaction with the locals is amazing in the country of Namibia. The people are welcoming and warm, and above all, always ready to help. Another amazing thing to see in this country is the Namib Desert. You can climb the sand dunes, which are the highest sand dunes in the world.

3. Tanzania

Source: Miss Tourist

Seeing the big five – Leopold, Lion, Buffalo, Elephant and Rhino is a very common thing in Tanzania. Therefore, don’t hesitate to go to Serengeti National Park. Besides safari, Tanzania offers the most beautiful nature sights. Mount Kilimanjaro is suiting both for thrill-lovers and observers. If you belong to the first group, you can go hiking and experience the true adrenaline rush. However, if you like taking photos and peacefully observing nature, you will be overjoyed by the sight of from the ground.

4. Botswana

Source: Britannica

Many people enjoy visiting places which are not crowded. If you are into that as well, Botswana is the top African country you should visit. There, you can see some of nature’s best works which are not spoiled by mankind. Also, a peaceful and intimate safari experience is one of a kind. On top of that, you can take some amazing photos, since the sunsets in Botswana are said to be one of the most beautiful sights. You can also visit Central Kalahari Game Reserves and Chobe National Park.

5. Morocco

Source: Meeting Point International

Morocco is a country which is known for its famous and tasty cuisine. Also, it has a long history and offers its visitors a real life time-machine due to the fact that you can see the pre-Saharan houses. Not only that, but you can also witness art in its true form through countless creative street performances in the cities. Another amazing thing about Morocco is the fact that you don’t have to be a history expert in order to like it there and to find its rich historical background interesting.

6. Rwanda

Source: Thailand Tatler

This country is home to six active volcanoes. Besides that, it has one of the most breathtaking sceneries on the whole continent. If you decide to visit Rwanda, make sure to go to the Volcanoes National Park. Furthermore, you should visit Lake Kivu where you can fish or go on boat tours. In general, this country has plenty of interesting things for a curious tourist. It is even better if you have company while visiting Rwanda, since the trip will be more interesting. However, if you are going by yourself, you won’t be bored either. You can always interact with the locals, and who knows maybe you can make some friends.

7. Kenya

Source: andBeyond

If you are traveling with your family, Kenya is a perfect destination. This country will open your eyes to spirituality. You can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and yoga. It is the most beautiful between October and March. Try visiting Gede Ruins in Watamu in order to meet the history and heritage of the country. Also, getting in touch with the locals is very easy, since they are welcoming and nice to tourists. They will treat you in the best possible way due to the fact that they honor their guests.

8. Ethiopia


Ethiopia is the perfect blend of culture, history and wildlife. In other words, this country will provide you with everything you expect from an interesting tourist destination, and more! You can do anything from peacefully drinking coffee, to exploring the modern cities and visiting historic sites. When it comes to nature, you will be speechless and amazed by breathtaking sights. Therefore, it is probably a good idea to bring your camera, since you will want to capture the beautiful moments.


To conclude, Africa has so much to offer that deciding which country to visit may be a challenging task. However, once you decide which kind of tourist you are and what you expect of your vacation, choosing just one country may be a bit easier. All in all, whichever country you choose to visit, you will without a doubt not be disappointed.