Top 11 Travel Bloggers To Follow In 2024

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The internet is a place where it is possible to find everything that interests you without even going out. The number of bloggers is growing day by day. Whether it’s food, fashion, video games, travel, or any other field, they are there to share an experience with you, sharing advice along the way. They do their best to capture every interesting moment and to write the blog the best they can.

If we talk about travel bloggers, they will bring you closer to the culture, religion, tradition, and beauty of a country through their travel experience. They will advise you on how to get there the cheapest, where to look for accommodation, what to avoid and destinations you must visit. Through their stories, you will have the impression that you are already there yourself. Many of them will point out to you that it is not necessary to set aside a huge amount of money for a good time and travel. Many people will say that they have a rich life, not thinking of material wealth, but of the places they visited, the cultures they met, the books they read. And it is so, knowledge and life experience is something that is only yours and will never disappear. Yet if you selflessly share it with others, just like bloggers around the world, there is nothing better.

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Many of them combined the pleasant with the useful – they may have given up their permanent job, but on the other hand, they found freedom and meaning in life, earning money along the way thanks to their followers.

Only for you, we have made a list of travel bloggers that you must follow this year:

The British Dan Flying Solo is popular all over the world for his travels, but also for the unusual images he brings us from them. Some of his photographs have been published in many magazines and even on National Geographic. On his site, you can read about his many trips to Bulgaria, Singapore, Portugal, The Falkland Islands, Vietnam, Palestine, and many other places.

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Another blogger certainly worth mentioning is Bashar Ibrahim. This twenty-three-year-old is from Aswan, Southern Egypt. Even as a child, he had to move very often due to his father who was an academic scholar. Stories from his travels will take your breath away. Although he is very young, he has a lot of experience in this domain behind him. For those who want to know more about this amazing travel blogger, you can learn more here. Each trip is accompanied by photographs and well-written stories.

While many write about already seen and known destinations, this guy prefers to visit less-known and undeveloped countries, especially Eastern European Countries. For himself, he likes to say that he is a travel blogger but also a narrator because he tries to convey his impressions and experiences in detail. It will also convince you that a good time does not require wealth and that even hitchhiking can take you to distant places. You can follow him on social media if you type easttothesun. What is interesting to say about this guy is that he decided to go on most of his trips by hitchhiking. His stories carry a dose of fear in them and we are sure they will hold your attention.

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A Broken Backpack is a Canadian who travels around the world for the last three years. Melissa prefers destinations like India or Southeastern Asia. On her blog, you can also find many useful tips, such as what to give to someone from a foreign country, which insurance is the best, or how to spend a holiday in Mallorca for a little money. Sounds tempting!
Under the name The Blonde Abroad, Keirsten from California is hiding. This girl is very popular on social media and works with top brands and sponsors worldwide. Some of her first trips are to Cambodia, Australia, Vietnam, Bali, and New Zealand, and so far, she visited over 70 countries.

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Adventurous Kate is a professional traveler who spares no words to conjure up for us every trip she goes on. So far, she visited all seven continents! Each trip is supported by photos, but also by a guide through the destination. She also shares advice about safe trips for women.

Another interesting blogger is Drew Binsky. He presents each journey through video, and that is something that has brought him many followers. While touring certain landscapes, he is also the narrator who conjures up each journey.

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Backpacker Banter is a very creative photographer, surfer, and blogger as well. For himself, he says he wants to inspire other people to travel and do what they want in their lives. He also shares pieces of advice about the cheapest accommodation, transportation, and the culture of certain countries. As a professional photographer, he did not regret investing in a professional camera and go pro camera to show each of his travels in the most authentic way possible.

Lili (Lili’s Travel Plans) is a Belgian travel blogger widely known in that circle.  So far, she visited many countries in Asia, Europe, North-America, and Africa. According to her web site, we see that she traveled almost all of Europe, but also that she found her perfect place to be – Tanzania.

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TravelBreak has over 280,000 followers. This beautiful California girl, Stephanie advises people to be bold by stepping out of their comfort zone, to feel the freedom and the true meaning of life. So far, she visited 42 countries and over 250 destinations. She is adrenalin-addicted, lives an adventurous life and on every trip, she tries to do some of the extreme sports, like hang-gliding, skydiving, scuba diving, bungee jumping, shark diving and so on.

Maptia is a project worth mentioning and follow. It consists of a group of photographers, writers, and adventurers. Through their stories, we will learn a lot about global warming, world hunger, but also the beautiful landscapes that everyone should visit.