Transform Your Appearance Today With These Easy-To-Follow Tricks

Sometimes it can feel like nothing we do to look better seems to work. Our hair doesn’t sit right, our body isn’t the right shape, and there are always those people who look like Adonis himself has blessed them with perfect genetics.

While it is true that some people are born with naturally good looks, the truth is that comparing yourself with those around you is a destructive and pointless endeavor. You are you; there’s no getting around it. In the same way that it is easiest to follow the career that best suits your skills, you should embrace who you are – warts and all – in order to maximize your appearance.

Indeed, acceptance is the first step to transforming your appearance. You can only make positive changes once you have both feet firmly placed in reality. Deceiving yourself by comparing your appearance to that of others will only slow the process and become a self-defeating spiral.

When it comes to transforming your appearance, the key is to build on your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. Once you start analyzing yourself properly, you’ll be relieved to find a lot more strengths than you ever thought possible.

Without further ado, here are some simple tricks you can use to transform your appearance today:

Your hair is everything

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Let’s start with the basics. There is no doubt that your hair (or lack thereof) is a defining feature of your appearance. It frames your face and forms the foundation for the other tricks you can use to transform your appearance.

You can easily use your hair to change the rest of your look. For instance, cutting the sides of your head short will draw the eye to your jawline and create a thinning effect. It will define your features more dramatically. If you would like the opposite effect, just grow your hair longer and make it more of a feature. The possibilities are endless.

But what if the possibilities aren’t endless? What if you’re suffering from a receding hairline, or you don’t have any hair at all? Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, baldness can do you just as much of a favor as a thick head of hair. Just work with what you’ve got and own it.

Now, if you really are desperate to regain your hairline, then this is okay, too. There are many ways you can increase the health of your hair or even regrow your hairline altogether. For instance, hair transplant treatments have never been easier or less intrusive. Booking yourself in for a consultation with a specialist like The Harley Street Hair Clinic is the best way to decide whether a hair transplant is right for you.

Clothes speak volumes; choose wisely

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The next step to transforming your appearance is by revamping your wardrobe. Don’t worry; you don’t have to throw anything out if you don’t want to, but honestly, a few choice items can completely alter the way you look. Again, work with what you’ve got. If you suit a particular style, then own it. It doesn’t matter whether you like tuxedos, ball gowns, hoodies, or joggers; you don’t have to change your identity to transform your appearance.

Simply choose clothes that actually fit. It’s amazing how often you see people with clothes that are so close to being right but are ruined because they don’t fit or fail to flatter their bodies. For instance, next time you buy a t-shirt, work out what you want people to see. If you’ve been pumping iron and your biceps are popping, then go for a tighter fit that accentuates this. If you want a looser fit because that’s what suits you, then do it. It’s easy to do, but so few people pay attention to the details.

Get in the gym – but only if you have the right routine

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While the stereotypical gym lifestyle is not for everyone, it does not make it any less effective at transforming your appearance in a relatively short period of time. While you should embrace your body type, there’s no one who looks worse for spending time exercising. If nothing else, it will improve your fitness, agility, and overall posture while lifting your moods. These changes alone will be enough to transform your appearance, but only if you choose a suitable routine.

An inappropriate fitness routine is one of the main reasons why gym newbies quit in the first few weeks or months. You can’t watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger workout video and expect to follow along right away, in the same way, you wouldn’t go on a morning jog with Usain Bolt or take a driving lesson with Lewis Hamilton. Start small and work upwards. Fitness is about consistency, not overall strength. Try to do it little and often, and you’ll soon see massive results.

Act the part, and you’ll be the part

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This might sound a little trite, but it’s absolutely true. Your appearance can easily be transformed by simply thinking it is. It’s the same reason why you feel doubly as confident after a haircut. Nothing has really changed about your basic appearance, but as long as you feel at your best, you will look at your best. This is because we subconsciously observe people’s body language, gestures, and facial expressions as much as their actual appearance. It’s why you often find yourself drawn to people who are not conventionally attractive but possess an indefinable charisma.

The good news is, this is comparatively easy to conjure. Simply accept the way you look, warts and all. By all means, work towards improving yourself, but walk with your shoulders back, smile, and speak with authority. People are naturally drawn to those who are decisive and confident, so work on these qualities within yourself.

If you are naturally shy, then don’t worry, it isn’t a problem. You don’t have to be loud to look confident. Just ensure you feel comfortable in your own skin, and display the body language to match.