Valorant and Overwatch – Similarities and Differences

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Valorant is Riot’s new first-person, 5v5 tactical shooter, which was released recently on June 2nd, 2024. Some have dubbed it as the Overwatch Killer. It has been hyped a lot ever since the announcement of project A was made, which was later revealed to be exactly this. There have been multiple streams of it. It also has many similarities to CS:GO.

Based on the tactical approach it takes with the gameplay and weapons, which are pretty similar to CS. There are also similarities to Blizzard’s shooter with its variety of characters called agents. They all have four unique and signature abilities, two of which you buy with gold earned between rounds. In terms of the art style, this theme-park game has a Disney-like aesthetic, with a stylized environment, a bright pastel color palette, which adds a lot to the immersion.

Characters Brief Overview

The champions are all unique and are strongly defined not only by their characters but also by their abilities. Riot’s new shooter subtly takes this approach when it comes to the agents as they are defined by their skills and overall character, as this is more of a tactical shooter. There is a lot more strategy to think about when playing it or shooting from different angles, taking advantage of your surroundings and gaining vantage points, or the high ground! Camping may even be encouraged, as the map is set up in such a way that there are a few main choke points and narrow corridors where a clutch fight can happen.

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A short look at the visual language

In terms of environment visuals, Riot outdid themselves here! It is very similar to League of Legends’ new art style. The overall aesthetic, colors, and choice of details in the surroundings make this a product with clear and distinguishable terrain, which can be traversed easily once you familiarize yourself with it. The strategic element means that you have to think carefully about your team comp, and the fact that you can’t just rush right into the enemy objective! Unlike Overwatch, here you can’t change characters mid-match, and once you die in a round, you stay dead unless revived by a healer, of course.

Character Roles in both games

In Overwatch, you have the holy trinity of most online MMOs – tank, healer, and DPS (damage dealer). In Valorant the agents are split into four categories – duelist, sentinel, controller, and initiator. Abilities are not only a part of a hero’s kit but also their overall fantasy, and most of all – they are vital for scoring kills, as the shooting is mainly used to charge up the ability! In the other FPS title, that’s not the case, as you can score kills without much use of your skills, meaning you’re not entirely dependant on them!

While playing with the agents, you’ll rely much more on the gun battle, which makes knowledge of the map and careful planning much more important than using your abilities rapidly. Using abilities in a head-on fight is very rare, as they will mostly be used in a very methodical and strategic manner to find a good position, and in most cases, guns are the main source of kills.

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When we talk about gameplay, the two are quite different. In this new shooter, 1v1 duels are very common, and usually, they last for a few seconds. Kills can be secured quickly, but once someone dies, they remain dead for the rest of the round. In Overwatch the fights are commonly in teams and very rarely solo duels. There are many shields and heals, which prolongs the fights a lot. Also, the death timer is 10 seconds, so that’s much more forgiving, and you can hop into the battle again right away.

Blizzard’s first-person shooter has four main modes: assault, control, escort, and hybrid. Valorant currently has just one – a seek and destroy style mode, where the attacking teams have to plant the spike, and the defending one has to fight against it. In Overwatch, there’s a term called the Ult economy, which means knowing when to use your ultimate. Dealing damage and being dealt with damage charges up your ultimate ability. Knowing when to use your ultimate and when to save is crucial for winning a match.

In Riot’s new first-person shooter, each team earns credits with which they can buy guns, armor, and abilities. Each ability has to be unlocked before it can be used. Keeping track of the economy is massively important for winning! They both seem to appeal to different audiences, and both will be successful in their regard. That said, it mainly comes down to the player’s tastes and preferences. One thing is for sure – Valorant is just emerging, and we are eager to see how it evolves!

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