3 Vaporizers With Apps for Your Smartphone

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In recent years, vaping enthusiasts can enjoy a completely new user experience thanks to improved devices. Advanced vaporizer technology doesn’t stop developing bunches of innovative features that contribute to even greater enjoyment. The constant use of smartphones has led manufacturers to create one of the latest systems that allow you to connect your smartphone to your vaping device. The new feature is based on Bluetooth software that allows the use of an application you can download from the Google Play or Apple Store.

While this idea may seem unbelievable or perhaps even unnecessary to you, it can actually be very handy when considering eliminating the need for a digital display and saving the battery, which is simply crucial to users.

Today we will introduce you to the top three popular vaporizers on the market that come with an app. We bet that at least one of them will sparkle your interest and make you wish you had it!

Pax 3

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Pax 3 is an improved version of its predecessor, Pax 2, which has been on the market for several years now. And, while the previous version was tailored to the average user experience, this version comes with even better features that are intended for even more demanding users.

A lot has changed – starting from the interface to extended battery life and better steam quality. The height of the device is below 4 inches and the capacity allows 15-25 pull-outs. The evaporation process is perfect, taking into account the thick, tasty, and smooth steam produced during consumption.

Only two sets – Complete kit and Basic kit – are available on the market at the moment. The price of the Basic one is lower – it costs around $ 200 – and it comes with a charger, a device cleaning tool, and two kinds of mouthpieces. The price of the Complete kit is higher by $50, but it includes additional equipment such as concentrate inserts, an oven lid and some other necessary tools. For those who are only interested in the device, Vapeelevate can offer it at a lower price.

Using this vaporizer is very simple and you won’t need any instructions – simply press the button to turn it on and off. Press and hold the same button to set the appropriate temperature. The LED lights on the side show the battery level, but also the device heating and readiness for use. A slight vibration will also let you know when you can start vaping.

Pax has also programmed an app that’s tailored to smartphone systems. It’s a completely new level of user experience that enables great functions – now you can control the temperature, lock and unlock light configuration, and do everything else you’ve had to do manually so far via an app.

You have a choice between several heating and cooling profiles that the app allows. Depending on whether you prefer faster or slower sessions, you can set the appropriate mode. Thus, the taste regime is the slowest, while the intensification regime is the total opposite.

Initially, the application was available for users of smartphones with the Android operating system and IOS operating system. As of November 2019, it has been removed from the Apple Store, which is why it’s now available exclusively to Android users.

Crafty + (Plus) Vaporizer

Crafty + is simply designed and extremely easy to use, even to those who are giving vaporizers a shot for the first time. A fully charged battery can last up to two hours, while temperature and switching the device on and off are controlled by a button on the front. Simply fill the chamber with the dry herbs you want and wait for the green light to turn on – this will give you a sign that you can start vaping.

Achieving the optimum temperature, which is crucial for complete enjoyment, has been made easier thanks to the new Android app. It offers you a temperature range from 40 to 210 degrees Celsius. The only option that isn’t applicable is exceeding the maximum allowed heating level.

By regulating the temperature, you achieve the maximum quality of steam, which is a key characteristic of all vaporizers. If the steam is of poor quality, there’s hardly a chance that the vaping device will gain the attention and trust of the users. Crafty + is one of those that has a great steam smell and taste, regardless of the session – it’s possible to extract useful components from the plant at any time.

Another advantage of Crafty + is the strong battery. The short battery life span can be a big nuisance for vaping enthusiasts, and that’s why the manufacturers tried to prevent it. You can now use it for 5-6 consecutive sessions. The mechanism will notify you when the battery is low, which will give you enough time to connect it to the charger and keep enjoying it.

A great Bluetooth application contains all the instructions and tips for technical support, which can be very useful if a malfunction occurs. Bluetooth control isn’t mandatory but it’s so much simpler. And this one is also only available to Android users.

Davinci IQ2

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Davinci IQ 2 is the best vaporizer of all three Davinci vaporizers. Thanks to the improved performance, many users are ready to ignore its slightly higher price. Needless to say, all enthusiasts place it at the very top of their list.

IQ2 is specific for its conductive evaporation mode, which is considered the most practical one. The materials from which it’s made additionally contribute to the production of the most enjoyable steam ever.

If you pay attention to the design, you’ll notice the aluminum exterior in various colors that make it quite sleek and elegant. It’s nicely rounded and therefore quite convenient for you to carry it in your hand – you’ll hardly notice that you have it. The plants slide easily into the chamber for dried herbs, so you won’t need to make much effort to set them properly.

The time it takes to reach the maximum temperature is around one minute, but at times it can be even slower. This is precisely why most people consider it a bit slower compared to the models of some other manufacturers… but why hurry and skip the best parts? Davinci also created an app to connect devices to a mobile phone. Of course, like everything else, they are only available to Android users. New features related to this app keep coming out, so make sure you keep up to date with all the news.