How Smartphones Have Become the Extensions of Ourselves?

Each of us is extremely aware of the impact that smartphones have on us and everything else that happens in our environment. Of course, their rise only contributes to the spread of this influence and countless possibilities when it comes to using the phone. So, technology has allowed us to raise contact to a higher level. We can send each other e-mail in unlimited numbers, surf the Internet, use a large number of social networks and everything else. This makes smartphones extremely practical.

Smartphones have brought us a kind of liberation because in addition to making our lives a lot easier, it has freed us from the landline. It is important to take into account the psychological effect of separation from the phone, users who separate from the phone for a while feel a kind of discomfort and anxiety.

So, it all leads us to really believe that we can’t do without this technology. And we come to the conclusion that they have become an extension of ourselves. You can read how it happened below.

Internet access

Source: The Conversation

When we say this, we do not mean the emergence of the Internet, but its universal access. As you can see for yourself, its use has reached its peak and is becoming more and more popular every year. This will force operators to change prices or reduce them and upgrade it when it comes to services. However, the use of the Internet caused an explosion with the advent of smartphones. As more and more people used this technology over time, they had excellent internet access and this led to the introduction of broadband.

Phone calls are a thing of the past

Source: Medium

If you look at the statistics from a few years ago on the Internet, you will read that the number of telephone calls gradually decreased as data consumption increased. So, the original idea of ​​a mobile phone was long overdue and the purpose of communication changed. Apart from the fact that this has happened due to the large number of applications that offer the possibility of talking, exchanging messages and the like, the phone is used for other purposes. Its primary role is now to access all the information in the world, that is, a window to any data.

The new idea came into force and now the use of the phone is far more diverse. The boundaries of communication are shifting, and the device itself is turning into something new, and that offers huge possibilities. This means that all other devices are slowly becoming a thing of the past, and we mean cameras, wallet, computer, etc. The list of these things is getting bigger as well as the number of applications that change the whole original concept.

Image as a new form of communication

Source: Knowledge@Wharton – University of Pennsylvania

You have all heard countless times how a picture speaks more than a thousand words and that is true. Because of this, it is a very powerful thing when it comes to messaging. With more and more people corresponding in this way, there has been a serious growth in applications that enable this type of communication. So, smartphones have won in this area as well and replaced digital cameras. Not only did he do it but he put it all together.

Instagram and Snapchat are just one example of all this. Whatever. this is an attraction that is increasingly present in people’s lives. For example, you want to tell someone that you are sad, lonely or overjoyed and do not know how to do it or hate you too much to send a text message. Take advantage of an effect, send a picture and give the person enough information on the basis of which he can conclude what your mood is.

However, this is only a fraction of the possibilities when it comes to communication. And as such, it has changed the use of smartphones as much as our lives.

Screen smartphones are an important media factor

Source: Forbes

Traditional television has been a central source of information for a long time. Over time, technology has advanced and it has become increasingly important. However, many other things developed much faster and gained all the attention. This applies to smartphones, with these large screens being replaced by advanced phone options. So people have mini TVs that they can carry everywhere with them. However, what is interesting and at the same time important to all of us when it comes to this pace is the combination of television and smartphones.

In that case, you can understand this device as an accessory. For example, all content that is placed on TV can be commented on Twitter. On the other hand, smartphones in most cases turn off the TV completely because we can watch everything we are interested in on the Internet.

Smartphones as the best form of assistant at work

Source: Lifewire

Phones provide us with a large number of options that help us function better on a daily basis. So those are things like alarms, reminders, notes and the like. However, it is a personal assistant to a large number of employed people who does a large number of things using it. Of course, more expensive models are much better and offer more possibilities. According to the texnologia, 250 million 5G smartphones, which is latest feature, are expected to be sold before the end of this year.

Everything you would do on your computer you can now on your phone. So, in most situations, the phone can replace working on a computer. This means that it is becoming more and more necessary for us and therefore a part of us. However, this happened even before we understood everything. Over time, every part of life has become conditioned by the use of the phone, and in the end, our whole life is in one device. Everything is organized in one place – our private and business life. This is an opportunity to establish multitasking, which helps us a lot to cope with the lack of time. On the other hand, this device has become a big part of us and is no longer an option but a necessity.


When it comes to research on this topic, many experts say that we almost can’t do without smartphones. This is because this technology has become an integral part of our lives and an indispensable part of social connection. However, they have also become an integral part of ourselves. This is because he is constantly in our mind – remembering dates, phone numbers, addresses, etc. So, all this has led to us relying as much as possible on smartphones, and the boundaries are constantly shifting as technology evolves.