6 Water Bore Facts You Should Know About in 2024

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Are you a gardener? Do you desire to drink quality water? Or perhaps, do you want to refresh your animals with fresh water? Maybe, do you want to have a high-quality irrigation water supply? Bore yourself no more in finding the right answers to these questions because your water bores are the solution.

Therefore, listed below are the six facts that you need to know about water bores and how they become a solution to your problems and answer your questions.

1. Water Bore Defined

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Of course, you are aware that water originates from the ground. But how do you gain access to these waters? The answer is simple. It is through water bores. So what do you mean by water bore? Water bore is a way of gaining access to the groundwaters. It is your tool to have a grip on these groundwater sources. For sure, you have already seen them.

They are those tall and thick metals attached to the ground, and water comes out from them. Moreover, it comprises a vertical pipe that is set into the earth or soil, providing direct access to the water.

So the question arises, why do you need a water bore? Other people do not need water bores, while some require them. Why? Some people, especially those who reside in cities, do not have reliable access to the leading suppliers or sources of water. Others also live in places far from rivers or lakes or areas that do not experience regular rainfall. Thus, the solution to their dilemma is to install water bores.

2. Types of Water Bores

1. Deep Water Bore

The deepwater bores are confined and engulfed in water-bearing formations capable of producing water, otherwise known as aquifers. These bores are buried deep underneath meters of soils and ground. They go beyond surface water. Indeed, toxins or microbial contaminations are present in these deep waters, but the incredible thing about deep water bore is that the soils act as filters, thereby yielding clean water.

However, you must take note that you must study the chemicals found in these waters before using a deep bore. You must ask help from experts before installing deep water bores because you might be poisoned by harmful substances found in these waters.

2. Shallow Water Bore

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Shallow water bores are the type of water bore that does not have direct access to underground waters. Consequently, the drawn waters are not filtered by the soils. Therefore, the waters are not clean enough for consumption. Experts do not recommend installing shallow water bores because of the harm it might cause the users.

3. Water Bore’s Location’s Importance

You should bear in mind the water bore’s location because it determines the water quality that will be drawn from the ground. You must consider the adjacent sites and areas of your prospective location. Thus, you need to assess whether these places are clean and non-hazardous because the substances in them may affect the water that comes out of the bore.

For instance, your water bore must not be near any septic tank if you have one since waste disposal might pollute the bore water’s quality. You must not also build your water bore near factories or any unsafe and precarious industries for the same reason that it will affect the water quality of your bore waters.

Hence, when choosing a location for your water bore, you must consider the factors that may affect your water. These factors are the proximity to possible sources of pollution, the presence of waste disposal, and previous use of the land where you wish to build your water bore. That way, you will prevent or avoid any adverse effects on your water bore.

4. Purpose of Water Bores

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Indeed, the primary function of water bores is to provide you water from the ground. As a consequence, you may use the water bore for various purposes like irrigation, watering your farm animals or livestock, washing your clothes and garments, or drinking. It depends on you. And this is the best thing about having water bores because the water you will get from it will be utilized for so many purposes.

Of course, it is incumbent upon you to assess your bore water quality so that it will be fit for the purpose intended. The water bore is very helpful to you since it will save you a lot of effort and time. For instance, it will facilitate the irrigation process. Your plants will receive a controlled amount of water during intervals. If your water bore’s quality is excellent, then you can use the bore water for cloth washing or drinking.

5. Benefits of Water Bores

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As mentioned earlier, a water bore can be a water supply for different purposes like irrigation and drinking. Further, it is an alternative water supply for domestic purposes like washing your vehicles or bathing your pets. It can also be used for watering your garden to avoid dryness and drought. Moreover, they are efficient and help you save money on water bills since the water source is direct to the ground.

Water bores can also be used for aesthetic purposes such as filling your swimming pool or inflated swimming pool. Usually, rainfalls are used to fill these large basins, but if there is only short rainfall, you cannot fill these pools. Thus, water bores will help you fill them. You need only to be wary of the quality of the water.

6. Water Bore Service Provider

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Yes, you may need water bores for whatever purpose you may deem them best. But the reality is, you do not possess the knowledge required for installing water bores. Hence, you need an expert who will analyze the location and the chemical contents of the water that will come out of your water bore.

So whether it is water bore installation, repair, or maintenance, you need a trusted water bore provider. Thus, if you happen to reside in Perth, you may contact Stirling Irrigation for your water bore needs and problems.


There are so many things your water bore can do for you. It is not only economical but also helpful for your various needs. You only have too numerous details about it to maximize its uses. That way, you will enjoy it and be benefited from it.