Why Choose Online Clinics For Male Pattern Baldness, Smoking, ED and More

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It has become a taboo (although it shouldn’t be) – ailments that affect men in general. According to surveys, men are more likely to ignore symptoms of said illnesses rather than visit a clinic because of the perceived negative notion surrounding these diseases… even when conditions have already become serious.

This is the reason why online clinics are an option for you. Visit Numan to consult certified medical professionals without being inhibited by taboos and feeling awkward about the condition you want to have checked.

What is the cause of Male pattern baldness

Many of the men out there suffered from hair loss as soon as they hit puberty. This is because of the male hormone (testosterone) changes. During puberty, a high amount of testosterone is released in the male body, which results in a number of physical and emotional changes.

The changing in the pitch of voice and hair growth on different body parts. Moreover, the loss of hair is also linked to this testosterone. Testosterone also produces a chemical named dihydrotestosterone. This chemical cause sensitivity to the hair follicles. As a result of this sensitivity, the hair follicles get shrink and the hair loss increases. It is not a bad thing. So if you have suffered from hair loss during puberty, make an appointment with the doctor. You can treat your problem on time because it is all because of hormonal imbalance. No need to get shy over these things.

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The causes of erectile dysfunctioning

Most of the people feel shyness over sexual things, which has caused many serious illnesses. If you are having any issue with your body, you need to consult the relevant doctor. Avoiding the problems won’t give you the solution. It would be best if you start talking about things. Erectile dysfunctioning is also a similar topic that people don’t usually talk about.

If you stay quiet about it, the problem will only rise. It will also affect your married life, if you are married. So before things get piled up and the problem gets severe, consult a doctor. Otherwise, you might get late and there would not be any possible solution left for you.

There are certain factors that result in erectile dysfunctioning. First of all, you need to know the cause of your problem and afterwards, you can get the treatment. Here are some of the reasons behind ED. But it is better to confirm it with the doctor. As the doctor will give you the precise answer after getting the tests done.

  1. Atherosclerosis, i.e. clogging in the blood vesselsAny heart issue
  2. High cholesterol levels
  3. Diabetes
  4. High Blood Pressure
  5. Parkinson’s disease
  6. Obesity
  7. The metabolic syndrome that includes all the above-mentioned problems except Parkinson’s disease

Why choose online clinics?

The best solution is to choose online clinics if you are hesitant to talk about these problems. Online clinics provide you with all the facilities while you are not facing anyone. So if you feel embarrassed talking face to face with the doctor, the best solution is to go online. You won’t have to face anyone and you won’t be embarrassed anytime you see that doctor. Why? Because no one knows your face. It is that simple.

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Online Clinic Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Erectile Dysfunction or ED occurs when one is unable to keep a firm erection or is unable to keep it firm for a long enough period in relation to having coitus. Another word it’s often linked with is impotence.

One of the major factors that lead to an erection is proper blood flow. Through stimulation, penal muscles tend to loosen and relax, thus allowing the flow of blood to be balanced and steady. The penis contains chambers that act as passageways. So when blood enter said chambers, the penis becomes erect or stiff.

However, there are health issues that cause the disruption of this flow. One of them is directly due to cardiovascular problems like hypertension, obesity, etc. You will have noticed that these cardiovascular ailments have to do with blood flow disruption. After all, this bodily system is among that which regulate the speed and the stability of blood movement.

Other times, the issue is psychological, such as depression and stress. When your emotional and mental health isn’t in peak condition, they may be reflected towards your physical state. And therefore, your sexual capacity as well.

Furthermore, alcoholism and smoking are contributing factors as well.

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Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is another concern men face, especially when hair loss happens earlier in your years. Studies have proven that a majority of those who experience premature male pattern baldness are affected by it genetically. Medication, steroids, or serious health conditions may also be the reason behind it.

There have been researches surrounding certain supplements that may be effective in hair growth and thickness. Online clinics have research-backed hair growth medications (i.e. Minoxidil, etc.) which you can inquire about.

Premature Ejaculation

Being able to maintain an erection long enough or not being able to hold of ejaculate (uncontrolled) both fall under Premature Ejaculation. Men tend to feel embarrassed, stressed, or frustrated when they ejaculate sooner than anticipated because it disrupts sexual intercourse or ends the pleasure too soon.

Though the studies behind it show that its true cause is still yet to be studied thoroughly, scientists have discovered that a few causes are similar but are not limited to that of impotence. For instance, anxiety, depression, and stress belong to this list. With the aid of psychoanalysis, PE can be traced and dealt with through psychiatric treatments, or simply getting yourself some time of rest in between periods of heavy stresses.

Additionally, imbalanced levels of hormones and prostate infection could also lead to PE.

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There isn’t a need to feel uncomfortable discussing these because they’re related to your health and your overall well-being. By speaking with medication professionals who can diagnose your condition even online, you can finally understand what you need to do for treatment.