Why You Should Hire a Zapier Expert For Your Automation Project

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No matter if you are a manager in a company, a small business owner, or a freelancer, there are big chances that you’ll need to use a wide range of applications such as Gmail, Slack, and so on. And, if you noticed that it has been taking a lot of your time to use these apps, you might want to consider using Zapier.

But, if you never heard of this platform before, you might be wondering – why should I hire the experts working for that company? Luckily, this article will be able to help you. Before we look at the reasons why you might want to hire them, let’s first take a look at what this tool does:

Why Should You Opt For Using This Program?

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One of the best ways to integrate your workflows on your own and automate them is to use the Zapier Cloud-Automation-Tool. By using it, you can connect thousands of applications individually with the program’s intuitive nature and multiple zaps that will allow your work to complete itself. Now, if you are experienced with using such tools, you can also choose to insert a custom code such as Javascript or Python into the interface and extend your automation even further.

However, there may come a point where you’ll be completely lost on your automation journey. You are unable to identify an error code, an app’s API simply does not want to work, or you might find that your workflow is far more complex and complicated than anticipated. And, if this happens to you, you might want to consider recruiting a specialist that will assist you during the entire process.

So, you have been browsing Fiverr and you have come across a guy who knows how to use the platform and could help you with your automation. However, there is a wide range of good reasons why you should not search for a freelancer for this. Instead, you might want to consider contacting a certified and knowledgable Zapier Expert. Why should you do this? Well, here are some reasons why you might want to consider it:

Should You Hire a Zapier Professional? Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should

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1. They Are Certified And Accredited

The very first reason why you should consider hiring such an expert is that they are actually accredited to offer the best services and they’ll also comply with all the applicable rules, requirements, and specifications. Because they are certified, this also entails such aspects as authentication for passwords.

Firstly, if you recruit a freelancer from websites such as Fiverr, you won’t be GDPR compliant first since there is no chance of signing a DPA. Second, Fiverr wildly shares your passwords, and third, it is not approved by Zapier. All of this means that you cannot ensure that your data and passwords are protected.

But, if you choose to hire a specialist, you won’t have to worry about your data and passwords being shared, instead, you can be confident that all the important and sensitive information is protected and safe in the hands of an experienced and certified employee.

2. They Have A Wide Range of Coding Skills And Knowledge

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you can easily implement coding – Javascript or Python – into your Zaps. This is one of the best ways to expand your integration and automation process. However, it needs coding knowledge, something that you might not have. Hence, it is safer to leave it to the experts if you are not familiar with it.

3. You’ll Get Nothing Else Then Premium Support

You probably know by now that it is important to run and monitor your automation 24/7, which means that it needs to work at all times. If something decides to crash in your Zap, maybe you won’t be able to recognize and find the issues as soon as it happens.

But, if you want to avoid such problems, having premium help right on your side with a certified expert anytime you need it might be a solution. This way, with the automation processes, you can be sure that the problems are solves as soon as they occur, which means that you won’t waste any of your time, money, or efforts.

4. They’ll Be GDPR-Compliance (Which is Extremely Important)

If your company is based in Europe, you are likely to hate those four letters. It is necessary, however, to comply with it, especially when it comes to protecting your data and sensitive information. Even though Zapier is a US-American company, it actually complies with the European data protection guidelines.

However, is the Fiverr freelancer that you are thinking about hiring compliant with it as well? Well, simply said, he/she probably isn’t. The certified Zapier Experts in Europe attach great importance to data security and they are continually motivated to develop their strategies further.

Hence, if you opt for employing a European Zapier Expert for your automation projects, processes, and tasks, you can be sure that they are compliant with the GDPR and with prioritizing data security. Wemakefuture is one Zapier Expert who places great emphasis on this.

For more information, go here: https://wemakefuture.com/en/zapier-expert-germany/

5. They Can Help You Build Apps

Zapier can easily allow you to build an application by using the program itself in order to make the processes more efficient. Hence, you do not need to worry about not having an app available, mostly because Zapier will allow the expert to create a completely customized application that will depend on your requirements, needs, the purpose, and it will automate the workflow as well.

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As you were able to read and learn, if you truly want to get the most out of your automation and if you want to ensure stability and data protection in your business, there is really no way around a Zapier Expert. Whether you want to hire one because you are stuck in the process, you do not have the time for completing your tasks, or if you do not have money, skills, or knowledge to build these integrations, it is recommended that you look for an experienced Zapier expert, one that will work according to your requirements and that can properly introduce you to automation.