Will I Get Caught If I Buy An Essay?

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As a student, this question has likely crossed your mind, especially if you have employed the services of a fast essay writing assistance before.  The answer to this question is not definitive. It depends on a lot of factors.

In most cases, students get caught when the quality of the paper seems too good. Some other examples are about plagiarism. Generally speaking, these issues and many more are what you get from free services online.

Why Do Students Buy Essays Online?

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Essays are essential parts of any student’s academics. Essays improve student’s writing skills and the ability to think critically. More importantly, according to ewritingservice.com, they take a substantial percentage of the final grade in any course.

The reasons why students hire fast essay writing services differ. In some cases, it’s just the inability to write these essays in an acceptable format.

It is general knowledge that people are not the same. While some are incredibly gifted in writing, some other students find it hard. Sometimes, even talented students find it hard when the topics are too difficult to comprehend.

Some other times, it’s just to get more free time. We all agree that college can be very demanding at times. Deadlines here and there could mean a lot of pressure. After attending to these tasks, there is almost no time left for socializing.

From the listed reasons above, one would agree that getting a little help is not too bad.  Unfortunately, school rules do not allow people to use academic work written on their behalf. In most colleges, it is frowned at.

Depending on the school, the severity of the offense could be varied. In some places, students may simply be asked to rewrite such papers. In more harsh conditions, students may lose their studentship to such behavior.

How to Avoid Getting Caught

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Without a doubt, the benefits of buying essays outweigh the risks involved. The truth is, you can get your essays written for you without getting in trouble. The followings tips will help you do that;

1. Avoid Using Your Personal Information

During registration, many fast essay writing assistance websites will request for your personal information. It would include your name, email address, and so on. While many sites have strict privacy policies, it’s best to stay safe.

You are not usually compelled to use your real name. As against using your real name, consider using an alias.  Using an alias assures you that no one that has access to the website knows you.

Similarly, do not use your student email for this purpose because tracking receipts can be done quickly from your university email. Therefore, you should get a dedicated email for this purpose.

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2. Make Detailed Requests

There are several professional writing assistants on the internet. They will write papers on almost any subject from the sciences to arts and so on. Their writers are skilled professionals in the fields where they write. While it sounds cool, it is not a promise of good scores.

Asides giving your essays to professionals, you need to provide detailed information. Make sure you and the writer are on the same page as regards your work. Make sure there are no typos or misleading information when giving out your topic.

For instance, the topic “Aids in Trading” could mean two things. It could mean Aids as in disease or as support. Be sure that your writer understands what you mean.

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3. Proofread Your Essay

After your essay has been delivered, try and read it thoroughly. Professional writing services usually employ Ph.D. and MSc holders as their writers. After the essays are written, they go through scrutiny. The scrutiny is to avoid grammatical errors, stylistic errors, or punctuation errors.

Acknowledging the human factor, you must go through the work again. That way, you will spot errors in the work.

Besides, there are possibilities that the essays contain topics that have not been treated in class. They could also be too good to come from someone at your level. In such cases, your instructor might quickly find out you bought them. You must proofread to avoid such problems.

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4. Check the Uniqueness of the Essay

Plagiarism is a severe offense in academics. Usually, for assignments of this nature, there’s always a limit to how much plagiarism your work should contain. Depending on how bad, the punishment for plagiarism could be as bad as expulsion.

Most professional websites assure you of unique plagiarism free essays. However, you cannot be sure except you check for yourself. Keep in mind that it is the first thing your professor would do before grading your essay. As a rule, you should not accept any essay that is less than 90% unique. Instead, request for a rewrite or an outright refund.

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5. Add A Few Errors

While it might sound funny, it would make your work personalized. No matter how bad your writer is, they can only make your writing look better. No writer can make mistakes just like you do.

If you would be writing an essay for a professor who has known you for a while, it might be a problem. For instance, a student, who has been clumsy for 3 years straight, submits an essay with no errors at all. That would raise a red flag of suspicion.

To avoid that, add mistakes that make the work look like you did it. Add a few of your common mistakes as well as frequently used phrases. Although it might reduce your score, it will reduce the possibility of getting caught.

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As of today, there are several essay assistance services on the internet. Some of them are professional, offering genuine service to students. Others are frauds who would take your money and put you in trouble. Ensure you use only professional essay writing services whenever you need them to avoid embarrassments. Also, remember to use the tips above.