45 Best 18th Birthday Captions for Instagram

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Come on buddy, it’s your 18th birthday and it’s time for celebrations! This is a special day you’ve been looking forward to because now you can tell you are a grown-up in most places all over the globe. You will surely want everyone to know this in the first minute and celebrate the joy with your loved ones. And the easiest way is to post it on your Instagram and other social media.

So at this time, you definitely need a good 18th birthday caption. To make this easy, we’ll share with you a list of best 18th birthday captions provided by Getchip.com. You’ll easily find perfect captions to reveal your special day.

For everybody, birthday is a special and important day, and it becomes even more meaningful if it is 18th birthday. Because on this day, you’ve officially been an adult. You are supposed to have fun with your friends and family and take tons of pictures. When you post those photos to Instagram, you are advised to choose or use the best 18th birthday captions to show your mood and thoughts.

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  1. Cheers to my 18 years.
  2. Old enough to understand everything better but still young enough to get away with it.
  3. 18 finally today and legally able to do everything you’ve been looking forward to since you were 10.
  4. Welcome to the club of adulthood. But we hope it if you didn’t let the police know yet because otherwise, we would have to meet you soon behind bars. Happy Birthday!
  5. Guess today who is a legal adult?
  6. 18 tastes as good as my cake.
  7. My first and only time blowing 18 candles today.
  8. Today is my 18th time of appreciating God for blessing me all the years.
  9. Today, 18 years ago, a handsome king came into this world.
  10. Today is the only time when I am able to avoid doing chores in my adulthood.
  11. This is a perfect time point to reflect that I had enough good time for the past 18 years in my life.
  12. My 18th birthday is the beginning of lots of exciting experiences.
  13. Today is my 18th birthday, I will have fun and party like tomorrow never comes.
  14. Happy wonderful 18th for me and only me.
  15. So long, rocking queen 17, Hello, larger aspirations 18.
  16. Today you’re 18, luckily you’re both an adult and a teenager at the same time.
  17. Today, I will be selfish once and devote all my energy to myself. Today, I am the only priority, Happy 18th birthday to me.
  18. Happy 18th birthday to me, I wish myself more happiness and accomplishments in life.
  19. Soon you’ll realized that being an adult is much less interesting than being a kid. But don’t let anybody know.
  20. Happy 18th Birthday from Me to Myself! It’s time to have fun because I’m on a new stage, congratulations to a fresh new year full of happiness, love and new friends.
  21. The previous 17 years have been filled with ups and downs. I hope from today on, all will go sound.
  22. Although I’m finlly18th, still remind myself to be careful when trying to be sexy.
  23. Happy Birthday to somebody that has made so many miracles! Yes, you are correct. It’s just my 18th birthday.

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  24. There is no sign that time has passed, I am still gorgeous as I was when I was 17.
  25. Partying and drinking just as it is my wonderful 18 (because it actually is!).
  26. Today I’m 18 and so excited to explore where life has for my future.
  27. You are right, today is my birthday, so I need be treated as a Queen. because it’s 18th.
  28. A wonderful guy like you is definitely worth an unforgettable 18th birthday.
  29. Congratulations on turning 18. Wish you all the best for adult life.
  30. Turning 18 is a nice life adventure. Don’t miss the enjoyment!
  31. Turning 18 doesn’t feel that different, but still it certainly is fun to tell!
  32. Welcome to your adulthood! Ready to enjoy more incredible things, Happy 18th!
  33. Don’t worry, you don’t need to take yourself seriously at all. We for sure won’t. Happy 18th!
  34. On your 18th birthday, my most vital advice is for you to calm down, reflect yourself, and make a good beginning.
  35. You’ve successfully brought us so much happiness. I am eager to see the new version of you in the next 18 years.
  36. Life is a long trip, and you are just on the start. Happy 18th!
  37. Does it feel different when turning 18? No. But does it feel cool? (I hope it will be!)
  38. On your day entering adulthood, I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest.
  39. Congratulations on officially becoming an adult. It’s time to bear more responsibilities and prove to the world that you’re a man. Happy 18th birthday!
  40. Happy 18th birthday! It might feel great during the first few days. But take care after that, you’ll surely begin hating adulthood. Good luck!
  41. Today is different to the world because it’s my 18th birthday.
  42. Welcome to adulthood, bro. Happy 18th Birthday!
  43. Please greet me in this insane world of adults! Wish me, “Happy 18th Birthday”.
  44. Greetings on your 18th birthday, because you are now legally permitted to do everything! Enjoy your sweet birthday.
  45. Queen of 18.
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A gorgeous 18th birthday picture must be paired with a gorgeous 18th birthday caption. For every Instagram user that is celebrating their coming of age, 18th birthday may be a major milestone. It means now you are eligible to declare to the world that you’ve finally reached your adulthood. I believe our 18th birthday captions are the best choices will be a big help to express your feeling.

We hope you’ve found the best 18th birthday captions for Instagram in the list above. Do you think we’ve missed any important one? Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know in the comment section. Thanks again for reading.