4 Ways to Back Up Your Whole YouTube Channel – 2024 Guide

Many call it the most important sideline in the world. No, it’s not football. When we talk about the digital world, this important place is occupied by a backup.

Why is backup so important?

Backup is made to preserve a particular document in case of damage or loss of original data. Data can be files or programs and there is an equal risk of losing or even being attacked by hackers. However, the practice has shown that a small number of people do backups. Some say they don’t have time, others that they don’t know how to do it, others still don’t even know it exists! Either way, at some point we become aware of what it is and that it is necessary to store data important to us. Sometimes we learn it the hard way, after losing important numbers from our contact lists, or pictures from an unforgettable vacation from last year.

There are several ways to back up, and some of them are stored on CD / DVD, paper, magnetic tape, floppy disk, and many others. Very often people use USB sticks, which is very practical. However, one worth mentioning is the Cloud. As much as you consider them safe, CDs, DVDs, and USB sticks have one major drawback, and that is limited capacity. The other negative thing, at least as far as CDs are concerned, is that they are easily damaged and have a relatively short lifespan.

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On the other hand, we have a Cloud that has much more regularity than flaws. It is commendable that the data is easily recorded and deleted, the memory is large, the data can be easily shared between the computer and the phone, and it is easy to access from anywhere, it is only important that you have the Internet. We can mention the same as bad features – internet access is required, and the speed of data access depends on its speed, data is easily recorded and deleted, and the service provider can deny you access to data. Backups should be done as often as possible to make sure you have saved all the data you want.

Whoever has access to the internet knows what YouTube is and we are sure people use it very much. While it serves some to hear a favorite song, watch a movie, or some interesting tutorial, for many, opening a YouTube channel has become a primary occupation and a solid source of income. We can freely say it is the number 1 medium for video distributing. Since each of us already follows at least one YouTuber, why shouldn’t we try this ourselves and share an interesting video with others? Maybe your video will attract the attention of many and open the door to the path to success, to the world of famous influencers. However, before you get started, there are a few things you need to know, and one of the most important is how to save copies of your videos in case something goes wrong. If you prefer watching videos, you can find out more about downloading videos, but also playlists and channels from YouTube if you visit this site, and below you can read about several ways how to back up your YouTube channel.

However, we cannot say that there are no flaws. When YouTube converts an uploaded video, the video will likely lose quality. Another, very important thing for all those who like to share video content through their YouTube channel – if they delete one video, or suspend your account, you will be permanently left without all the videos posted so far. The same scenario is repeated if hackers access your account. From all this, we can conclude that backup is crucial.

1. Making a copy on the external hard disc

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Storing all the data on an external hard drive will make you feel more secure if something goes wrong.

2. Google Drive File Storage

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Google Drive operates on the same principle as Cloud, meaning it is very simple to use. You can download backups at any time, sync them locally, or view them on Google Drive. For those who have a large collection of videos, we recommend that you download the entire collection in one go and save yourself time.

3. Downloading the individual MP$ file via video manager

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We can all forget to make a copy of a video after we publish it. Fortunately, the website keeps a copy of the uploaded video content. This is simple and practical, but only if you need to save a few videos- Know that the video will be compressed and lose quality. Before you get started, be sure not to rush anywhere, as it will take you an entire hour to download just two videos.

4. Google ++

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Another good way to download your entire YouTube channel and back up your archive is to open your Google account, and if your YouTube account is managed by Google ++, you will probably need to log in directly as a page. It is very easy to create an archive by marking the data you want to archive.


YouTube is a great service and it would be a real shame not to use all its potentials. At the time of its creation, its primary purpose was to post and share videos, but over time it grew into a giant video social network. Recognizing its potential, Google soon redeemed it. Research has shown that the average user watches at least one video on YouTube every day, and 50% of the internet people spend over the phone in this very place. Research has shown that it would take a man 23 years to watch all the videos posted on this network. Also, it is considered that a lot of videos are published every minute, which together last on average about 100 minutes.

As for the allowed duration of the video, it is limited to 15 minutes, to prevent the unauthorized transmission of copyrighted movies and TV series.