Should I Buy a Copper Face Mask?

If you are currently looking for a mask, you may stumble upon a copper one. And if you are not put in the latest form on microbial surfaces, that might raise some questions. Why copper? And is it worth the extra money?

The answer is complicated. “I have high hopes for copper masks,” said Michael Schmidt, a professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of South Carolina Medical University, who has studied the use of copper in medical products.

But there is still much research that needs to be done about its effectiveness. If you’re just throwing copper layers on the mask, we don’t know if they will work. Here are a few interesting points the following time you see a pop-up ad for a copper mask.

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Why copper?

As my colleague Mark Wilson recently reported, copper can kill bacteria and viruses. It consists of positively charged ions that trap viruses that are negatively charged. At that point the copper particles enter the infections, preventing them from repeating. A current study observed that copper is effective in inactivating novel coronaviruses inside 4 hours.

Historically, copper has been used at hospital gates and stands to prevent the spread of disease IV. It has also been used in the fabric. Schmidt points to Capron, a Virginia-based innovator who invented copper-plated clothing more than a decade ago. Now, as the corona virus has spread across the planet and more and more people have been forced to wear masks, more companies are considering adding copper to masks.

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How is a copper mask better?

At the present time, most copper masks on the market are not breathable, similar to the N95 mask, which makes the ideal seal around the wearer’s face. Instead, they’re loose-fitting cloth masks, which allow particles to enter through the spaces on the side. These masks are not designed for people who are at high risk for COVID-19.

Instead, they are designed to improve clothing masks that the CDC recommends people wear publicly to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In the event that a wearer becomes infected, the droplets wrapped over the infection in their mouth or nose and mask will die within a couple of hours. Under the cover of a cloth, they can stay on the substance for several days. In other words, these masks are made more hygienic. When the viral particles are released into the atmosphere from you through the copper mask, they will die,” Schmidt said.

There are also some benefits for wearers. For example, Kapran’s chief medical scientist says that one way the virus spreads is that if someone touches an infected surface – like a Doorknob – then they touch their mask to mask it. ۔ In this case, the copper in the mask will kill the viruses while they rest on the traditional cloth mask, which can potentially harm the wearer.

Source: Fast Company

Are copper masks effective?

Since consumers are not clear on how much copper is really utilized in most business types, it is impossible to know whether this mask is different from the other types of face masks currently available. Can protect from “better” or “faster”. Sacks says you should be wary of any retailer whose use of copper in their products enhances their antiviral capabilities. Most people have not done the necessary research to prove it.

That being said, you should feel comfortable covering your face with a mask or any amount of copper content as long as it covers your nose and mouth and you keep it firmly on your face.  Leading health experts have already proven that any solidly made material can be used to create a reusable face mask that you can wear in public. These masks will not stop you from breathing in all the air particles around you, but if you have an infection it can stop you from emitting infectious droplets around you.

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Can they be washed?

One of the advantages of copper masks is that many can be washed. While the specific details of the laundry vary, many copper masks, including Cupron’s and Phyllis Kuhn’s, can be washed repeatedly without diminishing their usefulness. This is one reason why some hospitals, such as the UHCMC, are so anxious to get their hands on them. It’s hard to buy new PPE at a time like this, says Simon. With these copper masks, our workers can keep them for years and they’ll be just as effective.

Schmidt says other chemicals, such as copper refining solutions, are unlikely to interact. Copper is found in many everyday items, including nickel and diamonds, he said. Most people are not allergic to these things when they touch them, nor do they react negatively to chemicals.

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Buyer beware

So should you buy a copper mask? Schmidt says that if a copper textile has been scientifically examined, it could be an improvement over the average cloth mask. The problem is that most copper masks on the market have not been studied.

If you’re interested in buying a copper mask, Schmidt cautioned. He says You need to know what you’re buying and how to use it properly.” Do your homework. Don’t buy the first mask you stumble upon.

The Bottom Line:

Remember, a physical barrier to prevent germs from getting away your mouth or nose can help us prevent the spread of COVID-19 in crowded places – not just mask equipment. You will need to wash your mask regardless of the material it contains, and the amount of copper it contains. Try not to put pressure on the purchase of “copper” masks, but prefer to wear masks in public.