5 Easy Ways You Can Customize Your WhatsApp

Our phones are constantly filled to the brim with apps, each filling its own purpose. A few of these are always social media or communication apps. What’s App may be the most recognizable in terms of communication apps, offering free messages and calls since 2009. However, aside from utility we also want customizability from our apps. Customization allows us to enhance our experience with the app and personalize it. WhatsApp has been out for such a long time that ability to customize your experience with the app has progressed quite a lot, we’ve compiled a few easy ways you can customize WhatsApp with little hassle and enjoy an enhanced experience.

1. Notification settings

Source: Android Central

One of the most frequent interactions with the app is through notifications. These will pop up to inform us of new messages or other new occurrences in our chat groups. Before going further with customization make sure the notification settings are turned on, otherwise, you won’t see any of the changes due to notifications not showing up.

Confirm the WhatsApp has notifications visible by entering the app, going to its Settings, and selecting the Show Notifications option. After this, you can enter settings on your phone, pick the notification section, and select WhatsApp. From this location, you can configure the types of notifications you want to see. These options include pop-up alerts, banners, sounds, and badges. The banner and pop-up alerts are the most certain way we will see new messages while sounds can come in handy when we are away from the phone. Badges are like backup notifications that appear on the edge of the app’s icon and can inform us about our piled, unseen messages. Depending on the phone you may have options to alter the lighting of the notifications as well, providing ample visual quality to new information. Keep in mind that these settings will impact all apps, not just WhatsApp.

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2. Changing visual appearance of WhatsApp

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You can change both the theme and background of your WhatsApp’s UI. This gives us some nice options when it comes to the customization of our app.

We will start with background settings. First, you’ll need to select Settings again and navigate to the Chat Settings category. After that, pick the Chat Wallpaper option and select a new wallpaper from the WhatsApp Wallpaper Library or your camera.

For alterations on your WhatsApp theme, you’ll have to take a different approach. You’ll have to open WhatsApp’s Menu option. From there go to Settings and then Chat Settings. In there, you’ll see a Wallpaper option. This option will allow you to set wallpaper from your gallery.

3. Privacy configurations

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It’s always good to have privacy options available for maximum comfort even when there are people around us, as we don’t need to worry about them seeing our private messages.

The privacy configurations come in many forms. One of these is disappearing messages. This option makes all the messages in our chats disappear after a week. To turn it on you have to enter specific chats you want to enable the function in, click on the name at the top of the chat, and switch the Disappearing Messages option to On. This will enable disappearing messages for the specific chat without affecting other chats.

WhatsApp usually allows you to see when someone last checked WhatsApp, as well as allow users to see when you last opened it. To disable other’s ability to check when you’ve last seen the messages enter the Settings, then enter Account settings, followed by Privacy, in there you’ll find the Last Seen option, switch it to Nobody.

There’s also the option to hide your profile picture by entering Settings and follow it by Account. In there, you should enter the Privacy section and select Profile Photo. This will allow you to set the picture to be visible to everyone, no one, or just your contacts.

4. Select your WhatsApp ringtone

When sound alerts are concerned, we always prefer to have the option of selecting those sounds that won’t grate on us after a while. WhatsApp allows us to customize these sounds by using the steps below. The best part about it is that we can configure sounds for different groups.

However, the way to configure the ringtone differs depending on the device you are using. When using an Android, you’ll have to enter the Settings and select Notifications. There, you can select the tone of your notifications. The selected tone can be from your media options. As we’ve mentioned before, you can use different tones for different contacts.

On iPhone, the alteration is done by entering the group for which you want to set the ringtone. Tap on the name of the group while in the conversation screen, it will open Group Information. From here, go to Custom Notifications and tap it. Set the notifications to On to set a new message alert sound for that group. Select New Message, then proceed to choose a new ringtone for the group. Save the configurations and enjoy your new alert sound.

5. Bookmarking messages and pinning chats

Source: Wire Droid

With a slew of messages coming our way daily it’s easy to lose track of some of the more important messages or contacts. Chats such as workgroups, college groups, and others will often take priority in our viewing but can get buried if we communicate with too many people.

Thankfully, this can be resolved by pinning chats and even further by utilizing the bookmarking of messages, if there’s a message we need to come back to later. Once again, iOS and Android have different ways to apply the function. For iOS follow the below steps.

To pin a chat select the chat you wish to pin, swipe left to right, there’ll be a pin icon there, click on it to pin the chat.

To bookmark a message open the chat window where the message is located, select the message you wish to bookmark, double-tap and press the Star icon to bookmark it.

When it comes to pinning chats with Android, follow these steps.

Select a contact that you want to pin, long press on the chat or contact, you’ll see the pin icon at the top again, click on it to pin.

For bookmarking you need to locate the message first. After you’ve located it select it. Long press until a Star icon is displayed, press the icon to bookmark the message.

These customization options open up new ways to access chats, improving the overall reliability of the app with pinning and bookmarking capabilities.