5 Dangers of Mowing When the Grass is Wet

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Mowing your lawn after a rainstorm is not a good idea. You have probably heard this saying somewhere before, but did you know that it could also be dangerous? There are plenty of reasons to wait for the grass to dry so you can start mowing. Not only it’s easier to do, but it is much safer too!

Before you go and dismiss it as a mere exaggeration, you should read this article to find out why.

1. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination

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Most lawnmowers today are powered by electricity. We all know that water and electricity should not mix. While water itself is not a natural electrical conductor, the minerals and salts in it are. Be very careful if you choose to mow your lawn while it’s wet since you could be at high risk of an electrical shock. You wouldn’t leave your hairdryer in the sink, would you? Then why bring your lawnmower into a pool of water? It’s extremely dangerous! And even if you put that fact aside, you are still at a very high risk of a personal injury. It’s so easy to slip and hurt yourself while mowing wet grass. Falling and hurting yourself is dangerous by itself, but those sharp mower blades won’t do you any good either.

2. The uneven cut

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No matter what anyone says, mowing a wet lawn is substantially harder to do than mowing it while it’s dry. Wet grass is incredibly tough to slice. You could end up having to go over the same part of your yard multiple times just to cut it! Wet grass is also much heavier than dry grass which makes it hard for your lawnmower to cut evenly. If you choose to do the mowing after a rainy day, don’t expect your lawn to look very good. It would probably look very messy and unappealing. You don’t want to ruin the look of your lawn, do you? Avoiding mowing it while the grass is wet could be the best choice you made! Having a beautiful lawn is such an important thing! It’s what you see from your windows, and every time you leave and enter your house! You don’t want it to be a disastrous, ugly mess. So yes, be patient and wait for the right time.

3. Damage to the lawnmower

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Yes, besides personal hazards and the lawn potentially ruined, mowing the wet yard could ruin your lawnmower too. Remember, wet grass is extremely sticky. It could easily clog up your equipment and cause a malfunction to your lawnmower. Other than that, the moist from the wet lawn wouldn’t exactly be your lawnmower’s best friend either.

This is something that can easily be avoided if you just stay patient and wait for everything to dry. This would only be an unnecessary expense for you, so try to avoid it at all costs!

4. Damage to your lawn

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Yes, that’s right, mowing while the grass is wet could permanently damage your entire lawn as well. Think about it, it’s not only grass that’s wet, but it’s the soil too. This could damage your soil and make your lawn all bumpy which would be close to impossible to fix. Not only that, but fixing a damaged lawn could end up being much more time consuming and very expensive too.

It’s simply not worth it. Having your entire lawn ruined beyond repair is something that could easily happen, but it’s so easy to avoid as well! Just be patient and postpone the mowing until the optimal conditions are fulfilled.

5. If it has to be done

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The best advice we can give you is to simply be patient and do it when the grass is dry. Still, sometimes this could be a very hard thing to do. If you live in a rainy part of the world or simply can’t find the right timing, here is what you should do.

First of all, you can always rely on professional services such as likemowing.com.au, who can get the job done for you, or at least give you sound advice on what to do. This goes when you simply cannot catch the right moment to do it yourself- we get it- life gets busy.

On the other hand, if it’s the rainy season and the grass simply doesn’t dry fast enough, there are some things you should keep in mind. Firstly, make sure your blades are sharp. This could save you so much time and energy, and you will be able to make better cuts. It is of utmost importance that your yard isn’t soaked in water because putting an electrical machine in that much water is an extremely dangerous thing to do.

Secondly, always make sure to clean your lawnmower thoroughly and do it often. This could save it from getting moldy and rusty. You don’t want to buy a new one every time you decide to mow your lawn.

Additionally, you should forget about lawn striping. It would just make things even more complicated!

Lastly, set your lawnmower onto the highest setting. In this way, you will make cleaner cuts, and at the same time save the grass plant from ruin.


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Mowing while the grass is wet could ruin your yard and potentially get you electrocuted. It would be best to avoid it at all costs. Sometimes that will prove impossible to do, and in that case, it’s important to take all necessary precautions to avoid any damage to your yard, lawnmower, or yourself. There is always the option of hiring professionals and saving yourself a lot of time and energy. Mowing is sometimes time-consuming so it could be hard to fit into your busy schedule, but mowing while the grass is wet is dangerous and could lead to even more trouble if you are not careful. If there is no other choice but to do it, be extra careful and research the safety measures as much as you can.