Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing in 2024?

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There are thousands of action video games in the world with millions of active players every month, so if you are a gaming newbie, it may be pretty challenging for you to find a game worth playing. Destiny 2: New Light was released in 2017, for PS4 and Xbox One, and one month later it was available for Windows too. Until October 2019, the players needed to buy the game, but since then, it’s free to play. As we can conclude by the name, it’s a second iteration of the popular game Destiny from 2014. The players are taking roles in their shared world, and the available modes are player versus environment, and player versus player. The player takes the role of a Guardian who needs to save the last city.

Since its initial release, the game received mixed critics. Some people really love it, but there are also those who hate it with their whole heart. Mostly, the criticism is for the story, since the graphics and characters are pretty well developed. Some game critics think that the developers need to pay more attention to the storyline. There are many opposite thoughts about Destiny 2, so it’s normal to ask if it’s worth playing in 2024? Or even if it was ever worth playing? Will it be better in the future? Should you give it a chance?

Here are some of the answers that may help you decide:

Are there active Destiny 2 players?

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This game has a few active expansions, but of course, the basic version is still available and potentially waiting for a regular upgrade. The most popular expansions are Curse of Osiris and Warming, and the biggest one named Forsaken. These games come in one pack. The next iteration, currently known as New Light is a standalone game, and you don’t have to play any previous version or spin-off.

The proof that the Destiny 2 scene is active and growing is that in September 2024 we will be able to see the releasement of the newest big expansion named Beyond Light, which will be followed by two smaller spin-offs, The Witch Queen in 2024, and Lightfall in 2024. So, this is proof that people still love it, and there are many loyal players who respect the concept and embraced it, so they can win the levels and get more and more prizes.

As a matter of fact, there are a lot more people who love it, than those who disrespect the game. Destiny’s society is organizing annual events, and so many activities, like tournaments and championships. Sadly, every plan for this year was postponed until a future notice because of the COVID-19 crisis, but people still are active, and they wait patiently for the next releasement, hoping that the developers will overcome the problems with the storyline and that they will offer something exceptional for the loyal players.

You can have a great time together with your friends in multiplayer mode

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The storyline is interesting, and when played against others, it can be great for you and your pals. You will have so much fun and spend high-quality time together, creating strategies, or trying to over smart the others. Do you know what else will be interesting? If you allow someone who never played it join your game. You will have a good time teaching them, and seeing how they know nothing about the game, but getting stuck to it as time goes by.

You know, people will have a hard time getting back to normal after the WHO announces the end of the pandemic and the state of emergency. We are sure you are careful and take every protection precaution when meeting your friends now, but when everything is back to normal, we will have a lot of problems living our life like it was before the crisis. So, keep the needed distance, and keep playing Destiny 2, because it will surely help you overcome this crisis easily.

Characters are very well developed

There are a lot of roles and characters in this game, that you can take, in order to level up. Every player is able to improve their first-chosen personality, by adding skills and features. The characters are categorized in these three classes, including hunters, warlocks, and titans. As you go upper, the character is requiring better tools, weapons, and battle equipment. You need to gain those weapons and tools by different sources, you can reach through the strikes, rides, and taking part in the game events. Also, there is an option to build your character following your personality, so you can better adapt to the game.

Some people’s profession is to help you with Destiny 2

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You are still not sure? Well, we won’t try to ensure you, but we will of course recommend you not to judge the game before you try it. You can use someone else’s account just to see how it works, watch some videos, or even download a free trial version, so you can decide if you will continue playing, or give up after the first tries.