Designing a Farmhouse Kitchen: 5 Things You Need to Know – 2024 Guide

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A lot of unique interior designs have made their way through the internet through different mediums such as YouTube and Pinterest. Because of that, people are trying to revamp their own spaces and design it the way that resonates with their personality and preferences more.

Your house is not a home without the people who comprise it. But it’s not just about the people. It’s about the things you add to make it the way that it is, too.

Being exposed to social media, you’ve probably seen multiple architectural posts and interior design crafts may it be on Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. And you’ve probably seen the interior of Dakota Johnson’s house that you want to incorporate in yours. Ever wondered how?

Among the designs that caught people’s attention are the wooden kitchen designs that are often found at farmhouses. From the wooden tables and chairs to the clean, white cabinets, you probably wondered how to have them in the comforts of your own home too. So to help you, here are the things you need to know about them:

1. It is spacious

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With farmhouse kitchens, storage is everything. Thus, there is more room for bigger meals and comfortable space for a better meal preparation experience. This is often made possible by different wooden cabinets may it be under the sink or overhead.

Tip: If you want your kitchen to look more like that from a farmhouse, we suggest you use white cabinets or paint your existing cabinets with white. This way, you will have a cleaner look and an illusion of a much bigger space. And to make it look more farmhouse-ish, we suggest you paint your island with a contrasting color such as green or blue. A shade just like the one in Dakota Johnson’s kitchen can be just right for you.

2. It is all wood

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You must’ve already known this, but for the sake of putting it out there, a farmhouse kitchen is usually composed of all wood. From the block countertops to the cabinets and kitchen and dining table, you can see wood everywhere. Depending on your taste, there are a lot of planks that are rustic or clean that can be present in your kitchen.

It all boils down to your taste. But for your dining area, a wooden chair with sturdy four legs and intricate carvings and detailing on the back does just the trick.

3. It has access to fresh air

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You’ve probably watched a Netflix show that has a kitchen with windows near the sink. And true enough, farmhouse kitchens have that. So if you are someone who takes comfort in nature, then a farmhouse-inspired kitchen is perfect for you.

Know the directions that your house is situated. Typically, the sun rises from the east and sets on the west. So if you want to have the natural white light from the sunrise, your kitchen should be on the east side facing it, not on the west, which is its entire opposite.

4. It varies according to your “theme”

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Farmhouse kitchens ring a bell to people, and it commonly makes us think about wooden furniture and decor. But it is not all about wood. People have themes and pegs as well, and how their kitchens are curated highly depends on these factors. For instance, people might have a modern retro theme or a bohemian theme that comes in different colors and patterns.

Tip: Create a mood board. Businesses are not the only institutions that need a mood board to establish consistency. Your home needs one too! So for you to make sure that your kitchen will be in harmony with each item you add, make sure to have a mood board you can lean onto.

5. It has a well-thought island countertop

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Kitchens are not all about utensils and kitchenware. It’s about the actual places you put these items, too! This includes the sink and, of course, the island countertop. How you decorate it either makes or breaks your aesthetics.

Have a color palette in mind. As we’ve said, a contrasting color for your island to your cabinets can make your farmhouse kitchen harmonious. Ideally, green tones and blue tones can make your kitchen have that perfect farmhouse touch. A shade of red does it just well, too!

The interiors make up what the kitchen looks like but ever wondered what makes it feel the way that it is? The kitchenware! So let’s see how the kitchenware and utensils make your kitchen be like that of a farmhouse, too.

  • Cookware

There is already too much cookware in the market that is non-stick, so we highly recommend that you get them. This is to help you refrain from using oils because it is not only costly, it is not environmentally friendly too. Besides, you don’t have to worry about your pan because food doesn’t stick on a non-stick one!

  • Spoons and spatulas

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This might be an unpopular opinion, but we don’t recommend using wooden utensils. This is because they cannot be totally cleaned! There will be bacteria left in the wooden utensils that you can’t get rid of, even with a dishwashing machine or a manual dishwasher. It might be an item that promotes eco-friendly alternatives, but stainless steel does the job just right. So stick with them instead.

  • Silicone kitchen set

Since stainless steel doesn’t work that well with a non-stick pan, we suggest you invest in silicone ones instead of wooden ones. This is because they can be cleaned easily and can be great for your non-stick pan. It won’t scrub away its non-stickiness.

Final Thoughts

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Your house can be a home and a safe haven only when you want it to be. So invest in your homes and worry not during indoor times! Take all the time you need and leverage the time that the pandemic gives you to set things however you like. For more check Evelyn Lily Interiors.

If you’re having trouble at some point, such as in picking out the right furniture and decor, it helps to find a source that sells items from the same theme. In this case, you would benefit from a site that has farmhouse-themed sinks, cabinets, mats, baskets, and more. Fortunately, you can find all that at