Free Online Slideshow Creator – 2024 Review

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Let’s say that some special moment is coming soon. For example, the anniversary of your marriage is coming for 2 weeks and you are preparing to surprise your partner. Logically, you will want to buy a present. If want to get out of the box, you will also organize to go somewhere. This doesn’t necessarily need to be a trip. You can both go together to dinner and eat your favorite food.

Fortunately, a tool like allows us to be even more creative. We live in a world of advanced technology, don’t we? It would be smart to use the advantages that the online world brings. This doesn’t only include business opportunities. You can easily share emotions and surprise your partner with this tool.

Anyway, the photo slideshow creator is a tool that can turn many memories into reality. The image that captured some unforgettable moments is not a “basic” image. It means a lot more to both of you. Despite that, things can be even better if you a slideshow creator with music. The music improves the way how you show some nice emotions to the other person.

Well, because of that, we would want to review this tool and explain to you how to use it.

Slideshow Creator

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As we said, this is a completely free slideshow creator that can be a great present. Many people have the wrong way of thinking. They spend a fortune on a current gift and they believe that is the right choice. Well, some cheap or even free presents can cause happiness more than the expensive one. This tool is going to ensure that.

There are three basic steps that you need to go through to make the slideshow with your pictures and videos. You do not have to be a genius to realize how it works.

Pick a Themed Template

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Well, choosing the themed template is the first thing that you have to do. Well, this might not be a challenging process. However, you have a huge number of options to choose between. More precisely, there are more than 180 beautiful ready-made templates.

Yet, it is good to know that each one is suitable for a special purpose. For example, if the reason why you create a slideshow is a birthday, then pick the one in that style. You will find the themed template for different templates such as anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, etc.

Add Your Pictures and Images

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Okay, here comes the main part that deserves the most of your attention. Picking the ready-made template won’t be a huge challenge. It will be obvious which template is going to be perfect for your slide show. Yet, which pictures you will choose is a bit tougher.

We have one recommendation for you. Pick the images that truly mean a lot to both of you. It is not the point to pick the ones that are the “most beautiful”. Even these pictures were taken with a professional camera, that doesn’t mean they are the right choice.

The number of pictures that you will add is unlimited. The online slideshow creator is not limited to the number of photos. You can add them millions if you want. However, we have another suggestion that might make your slideshow better.

As we said, this online slideshow creator comes with music. In the background, you can add the favorite music track. We recommend you use this feature. Add the favorite song that also means to both to you. Anyway, the length of the song is probably around 3 minutes. We suggest you add a picture every 10 seconds of the music. For those 10 seconds, the person will have the chance to remember the moment that the image is associated with. If the song is 3 minutes long, then that means between 15 and 20 pictures would be enough. Of course, this also includes short videos.

Yet, if you are not sure which music to use, then that won’t be a problem. This free online program will pick a tune for you.

Save and Share Your Creation

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The program itself will make everything instead of you. The help of the templates is huge, especially for those people that are not so talented for designing. Everything you did, you can save by clicking on the “save” button. You do not have to publish the slideshow automatically. Maybe you made it a couple of days before the important day.

The tool gives you two options. The first option is to directly to your YouTube account. If that’s not something you want, then sharing your short movie on your social media is the option you have. Most people pick the second option. They share it on their wall on Facebook or Instagram and tag the other person.

We suggest you do that when the person is not even online. In that way, we believe that the surprise will be even stronger.

When to Use Online Slideshow Creator?

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Well, we already mentioned some of them in the introduction of the article. However, there are 4 moments when using this tool would be a perfect choice.

1. Heartwarming Family Slideshow

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Is there a more valuable thing than family? We hope that you know the answer to this question is “no”. Well, you can mark every part of your family’s life with a festive slideshow. Use this tool to make every memorable event “touchable”.

2. Holiday Slideshow

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We all like holidays like New Year, Easter, Christmas, etc. Well, these are all some sort of family holidays. You can surprise them with a slideshow. We suggest you include the pictures that were taken on the previous holidays.

3. Thrilling Vacation

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Whenever we travel somewhere, we usually take a huge number of pictures. Well, it is okay if you got all those pictures on the shelves. However, you can once again use the benefits of Internet technology. Make a slideshow and add different backgrounds and effects to make those memories even more beautiful.

4. Dreamlike Wedding

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Yes, we already mentioned this, but we need to repeat it once again. This is a special day for each person in the world. There will be a huge number of pictures. You will have to take a picture with every guest that you invite. Well, the online slideshow creator is not limited to a current number of pictures. Add them all in your slideshow and make your memories even nicer.