How Games Transport You to Different Time Periods

Games are meant to be entertaining and developers make sure to produce them in that way. Apart from entertaining people, games can take them to different periods. As they take place in all kinds of places, certain periods in history have remained inspiring for developers all over the world. In that regard, here are some of the periods games take you to:

The Wild West


This is a big inspiration for the world of film as there are plenty of such titles that can serve as examples. But this period is potent for game developers as well. The most recent example of such a game is Red Dead Redemption II. In it, you take the role of a cowboy and you’ll ride your horse to all sorts of destinations and undertake all kinds of quests.

When you’re looking to relax you can go to the nearest saloons and have a drink or play a card game. Poker and blackjack were prominent at that time which is why they’re part of the game. You can even cheat, but be ready for a fight if you’re caught.

Poker and blackjack are quite popular games today and most of their variants are found at online casino sites. Casino fans can visit such sites and enjoy the selections of the table and slot games or engage in comparing casino bonuses at these sites. The main thing about visiting such sites and enjoying their games is to do so responsibly.

The entire Red Dead franchise is dedicated to the Wild West but so are Call of Juarez, Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive, Gun, and many other titles.

The Renaissance


This is the period when science and art bloomed in glorious Italy. Many great minds made a name for themselves in this era and influenced humanity. The best game to play to experience this period is Assassin’s Creed II which puts you in the shoes of Ezio Auditore. This is a game based on the period and in it, you’ll see Leonardo Da Vinci, Nicolo Machiavelli, Rodrigo, and Cesare Borgia, and many more.

You’ll be able to see iconic Italian cities such as Rome, Florence, Venice, and others. The best part about this game is its mechanic to climb any building you see so you’ll experience the cities like never before. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is the sequel to this game which also lets you bask in the glory of the period.

The Future

We’re still working on that period, but we can get a glimpse at it from the many sci-fi games out there. As nuclear war is possible, a post-apocalyptic world can originate in mere minutes. This would be a Fallout 4 scenario and if you have a place in a Vault, then you and your family are pretty much safe.

Starcraft II is another game to consider as it lets you visit all sorts of planets and interact with various alien species. Some of them, like the Protoss, are friendly, while others, like the Zerg, are rather hostile. Different kinds of spaceships and facilities can enable interplanetary travel and sustain human life. All are possible future, and we’ll see if we get any of them.

Las Vegas


Yes, some games will take you directly to Las Vegas and some of the most prestigious casinos. These are online casinos that give their players a glimpse into this world of glitter and luxury. Online casinos are very popular today due to easy availability and choice of games, welcome bonuses for each new player, but also the fact that payouts are better than in land ones. Why not take advantage of all these benefits and step into the virtual world of gambling that will distract you from everyday life for a moment? Visit to find more about it.

The most dangerous race tracks


When you get tired of playing realistic games that leave no room for mistakes and want to relax with something out of the box, give a chance to games that will take you to the deadliest race tracks. On cars, motorcycles, planes, and ships, you will be thrown in the middle of unimaginable action. Take for example Rigs of Rods which is a free vehicle simulator or the cult Need for Speed which has many modifications that have raised the playing of this ogre to a higher level. In this game, you will certainly not lack adrenaline because you will run away from the police, destroy corrupt police officers, chase through the city. Heat is a really good, fun game in which the hated microtransactions have been abolished (finally all the major developers admit that they have robbed us for years) and the possibilities for improving and adapting the vehicle have been expanded.

What all games have in common is that they constantly distract us from everyday problems and obligations, whether it is playing games via smartphones, computers, and consoles, or gambling.

What is perhaps the best in this whole story is the possibility of combining pleasant and useful, or earnings if you take the game a little more seriously. Today, there are many professional gamers who make large sums of money by playing their favorite game and streaming it to platforms.

It’s similar to gambling. The most important thing is to choose a reliable casino and the right game. Some people simply like to “switch off” after a hard day at work and not think about anything, and for that reason they choose games that do not require special effort. These are random games such as a slot, ie those in which the player cannot influence the outcome of the game. On the other hand, we have baccarat, poker, and many others with which, with a little effort and mathematical knowledge, you can increase your chances of winning.

In any case, playing any game is something that should relax and cheer you up, and if you make money with it, it will be even better!