Can You Get A Job Using A Job Agency During Coronavirus Pandemic?


There is no doubt the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs worldwide. If you are one among millions of workers who have been affected and you are in the middle of a job hunt, don’t give up yet in your job search. The situation isn’t playing to your hand, but with careful planing you can change things around. However, if you have been using the traditional approaches of job searching, you should consider changing tactics and using a job agency. There are many cases that are indicating that this is the best chance you can give yourself to attain a new working position.

Even though it is challenging finding work during the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you cannot get one. You can, and this is what you need to tell yourself every day until you find one. Undoubtedly, some companies are closing their doors due to heavy situation, but others are hiring as what’s happening around requires more work-power. Indeed, you should use search terms as ‘hiring immediately’ or ‘urgently hiring’ and add your region to see the available positions.  You can never know what can pop up. Use the same keywords when using LinkedIn, social media platforms, and other means of getting yourself onto a payroll once again. We have compiled some tips to guide you in your search for employment during this time of the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus that turned the world upside down. Click here to read more.

1. Check Your Benefits

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Before you enter your search for a new money-earning position, ensure that you are collecting any job loss- benefits you might be entitled to. Consult with your human resource department to know what you are entitled for. This is the first step of the seven we have in store for you in this article.

During this pandemic, state governments and some employers are offering unemployment benefits to the affected workers. This is the case in most states as the crisis is present in every part of the globe. There’s a good chance some funds are coming your way even before you get yourself a new gig.

2. Get Ready To Job Hunt

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You don’t want to start looking for a new place of work before putting the needed documents in place. Essentials matter and your papers fit the bill. Collect them all, as you never know which ones can come in handy during these hardships. There are different ways you can ace that; some of the things you would want to do include:

  • Updating your resume and LinkedIn account– update your address, add any skills that you might have acquired recently, etc. Also, tweak your resume to fit the kind of job you are looking for. It’s all about the details, and there’s no better time than right now, to nip-tuck your resume.
  • Write a cover letter- take the time to write your cover letter before applying for a new position through a job agency. In some cases a cover letter means more than what’s written in your resume.

3. Understand The Job Market

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During this time of the pandemic, different industries are affected differently. For instance, businesses in hospitality, food services, travel, and event planning have been hit really hard. On the other hand, industries in healthcare, cleaning services, and grocery stores are booming. So, when looking for an employment agency to fill an application, make sure it offers work in these industries. You need to work on understanding the current market if you want to have regular salary during these unprecedented times.

4. On-Line Job Search

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You don’t have to use an agency in a search for employment exclusively. There are other ways, and other matters you could put your focus on. It is essential to pay attention to the internet and choose the top sites that will relay you to your final destination, company websites, and even social media platforms. You can track and be informed if there are any  openings by doing the following;

  • Organizing your search for a new place to work.
  • Set up job alerts to be alerted of new openings and apply as soon as possible.
  • Using hashtags in your search for a better tomorrow.

5. Consider Remote Working Options

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for people to conduct work outside their homes due to movement restrictions that are in power in most areas. As such, the only option you might have is to work from home. This is not a bad option at all. By working from home you can improve your productivity, and avoid pressure of a new workplace and new colleagues which often can be stressful. However, this comes with some challenges, such as disturbances from the children, or a matrimonial partner, which may not create the right environment. Luckily, things like these can be mitigated, and worked on.

The best thing is that with the internet at home you can search for remote posts offered by an employment agency to least supplement your income. It’s not going to be easy, but you need to give yourself the best chance of success, and by listening to us, you are doing precisely that.

6. Be Prepared To Provide Solutions

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The pandemic has negative impacts on both employees and employers. By now, you must be aware of this, as there isn’t a person not affected by a coronavirus. If you can prove to the management that you can provide solutions to the company and help it succeed during these uncertain times, you can increase your chances of getting hired. People who can do this are coveted assets during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Take time to ponder about some of the problems that businesses could be facing right now and propose solutions. If you are able to do this, the employers are going to race to hire you. This is what the market dictates, and you need to follow the flow.

7. Get Ready To Ace The Interview

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Be prepared to carry out video interviews and do your homeworker to familiarize yourself with the remote hiring process. This is how things are done today. Consider practicing interviews via Skype or Zoom, as these are the options your potential employer is going to use.

To ace this, you would want to practice before interviewing with the employment agency representative. Practice makes perfect, so be sure not to slack off this part. Your future is in question, after all.

You would want to do other things before applying for a new position through an agency; upgrading your skills, Network, be patient when you apply, don’t give up, etc.