Things to Consider Before Hiring Palm Beach FL Restoration Contractors

Water Restoration is the process of cleaning polluted, mucky or damaged water which includes multiple steps. The damaged water if not cleaned causes destruction and possible losses. It also affects health and can be very problematic in the long run.

Many homeowners in Florida experience water damage, especially in South Florida. Florida is also more prone to floods and water damage in Florida has been increased by 46%.

There are several water restoration companies in Palm Beach Florida, which help in reversing the water damage caused by floods and sewage or any other factors. They do not only clean the blunder but also maintain the home to avoid any additional damage. The time taken to reverse the damage and water restoration generally depends on the extent to which water damage is done. It usually takes two to five days for the area to dry out.

There are several factors which need to be considered before hiring Restoration contractors. These are:

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1. Is there a condition of urgency?

The extent of damage determines the condition of an emergency. If there are severe loss and damage, an emergency water Restoration company should quickly be called. Even if the damage is not so serious the water restoration should not be avoided to prevent any future problems or risks.

2. What is the expanse of the damage?

If the area damage is more or less. There are certain things which need to be checked, for example, if all the floors are flooded, the materials of the buildings if they are wet or not, the basement, the floors, the carpets, the furniture and other things.

3. The time duration since the area is wet

If the area is still wet for more than two to three days it signifies that the damage is acute. In that case, a professional water restoration company should quickly be called and the area should be cleaned.

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4. Source and Factors of the water damage

What is the origin of the water damage and the reasons for it? Is it a pipe burst or the overflowing of the sink? It can also happen because of blockage of pipe in the toilet due to which toilet overflow happens. The roof should also be checked for any leakage and also the drains.

5. Number of rooms afflicted by the damage.

The number of rooms should be checked which are affected by water damage

Water Restoration Companies make this job effortless. But while contacting a water restoration company, it should be cross-checked if they are professional one and do their work impeccably. These companies usually implement the following steps for water restoration:

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  1. Inspection: Identifying the origin of water at home or business. To completely stop the water flow, it is important to know where it is coming from. How dirty the water is should also be checked and the category of water should be determined. Generally, there are three categories of water: white(Category 1), grey(Category 2), black(Category 3). The damage is inspected and the precautions are explained by the company.
  2. Water Removal: The excess water is removed using pumps and the area is dried using dry vacuums. This considerably decreases the drying time of the area. The moisture is measured using tools such as moisture detectors and hygrometers.
  3. Drying and dehumidification: The building materials, walls and woods are checked since they retain water. This makes them break easily and can also lead to mold damage. Specialized industrial dehumidifiers are used to dry them.
  4. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Several methods of cleaning such as dry cleaning, wet cleaning, foam cleaning, abrasive cleaning, immersion cleaning are used. The bad smell is removed by using deodorization. The place is completely sanitized using disinfectants, antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments. The damaged materials are properly removed and disposed of.
  5. Restoration: This is the last step in which the damaged walls, tiles, roofs, pipes are repaired or replaced. The place is properly checked to look for any more damage to avoid any problem in the future.

There are several water restoration companies in Florida which can be contacted in case of water damage. They are:

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1. Paul Davis

They have a certified, professional and well-trained team aligned with their services with their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a franchise operation and they offer assistance in water cleaning and restoration for domestic and private enterprises. They provide full service which includes removal of water, restoring it and reconstructing the damaged parts. They can also be contacted while an emergency since they provide emergency services too.

2. Baxter Restoration

They have an efficient team offering services such as water damage removal, cleaning the sewage, toilets drain, and checking for any pipe blockage. They provide 24*7 emergency services for domestic and commercial purposes.

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3. Remediation 911

Remediation 911 offers rapid and accurate solutions to water damage. They work within a deadline with a team of certified technicians. They also offer 24*7 emergency services and are very quick in their work and response.

4. DryMetrics

They have quick response services. They promise to reach your place within 40 minutes and start their work. They offer services of water cleaning and getting rid of the damage. 24*7 emergency services are available too.


They have around 1,700 franchises with a team of professional water damage specialists and technicians. They are very fast in their service and offer 24*7 emergency services.

The cost of water restoration companies completely depends on the area, and the vastness of the damage done. They ensure speedy restoration, mold reversal and also provide professional guidance. The losses due to water damage are reduced if it is restored quickly. Contaminated water gives birth to multiple diseases. Many bacterial, viral, parasite borne diseases are caused by it. Contamination water causes diseases such as cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, hepatitis. Therefore it is always preferred to seek professional help from a water restoration company in case of water damage.