How to Be More Productive at Work – 2024 Guide

Efficiency and productivity are very important features of an average worker these days. To most people who have to do different tasks on a daily basis, it seems very difficult to be more productive while having so much work to be done. But you probably used to work with a person who always manages to complete tasks and have more free time. These people prove to everyone that a good plan can be made and that the work can be done effectively and productively.

However, not only a good plan is key to achieving greater productivity at work. There are a number of other factors that can make all people more productive at work, and most of them are influenced by yourself. So, it takes some willpower and knowledge to get better results. When it comes to the latter, we can help you. We have decided to present you a list of things you can do and become one of the best among your colleagues. Believe us, reaching a high level of productivity will be very easy for you after reading this text. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

1. Keep track of how long it takes for tasks

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If you want to improve the way you spend time at work, it is very important to gain insight into how much time you spend on each task. When you consider this, it will be much easier for you to determine where improvement is possible. Probably as you read this you feel that you know exactly how much time you are spending and that there is not much room for improvement. However, we must tell you that you are wrong. Most people spend too much time on tasks that should be short. To clarify this, we suggest using some applications and tools specifically designed for this purpose.

2. Make essential tasks a priority

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We know this seems obvious, but trust us, a lot of people spend time in the workplace on non-priority things. In order to improve productivity, it is very important to prioritize tasks. By distinguishing between priority and less important tasks, you will gain the skill to focus on the important things. Also, a common feature of people is to avoid difficult tasks that are often very important, doing light tasks that take less time. However, an additional problem is that working on short tasks can take some time because of procrastination. In this way, it is certainly not possible to improve productivity.

3. Manage your energy

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Although we emphasized that working on difficult, more demanding tasks is a priority, it does not mean that the easy ones can be skipped. Simply, tasks are important, whether small or large. So, you have to have enough time and energy to finish them all. Proper time and energy management is directly linked to the priorities mentioned above. Therefore, difficult tasks should be started as soon as opening hours begin. This way, you have better focus and more energy, all of which are necessary for priority tasks. At the end of the workday, you can focus on light tasks.

4. Pay attention to your work environment

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You probably know that it’s important to keep the essentials at your fingertips so you can use them when you need them. You’re not going to waste your time on some basic things, are you? However, to improve productivity, it is very important to make a comfortable workplace for yourself. Let us give you an example. Imagine working in an office. There you have a computer, a desk, an office chair and stuff. All this is very important to be tailored to you and your needs so that you can give your maximum at work. Imagine having an uncomfortable chair, for example. That would be really bad. If you actually work in an office and you really have such a problem, visit and find the right chair for you. Everyone deserves it. Also, you can add some items or plants that will motivate you to work even harder. Psychologists claim that it is very important to create a comfortable working environment.

5. Say no to multitasking

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Another common situation is that people are reducing their productivity unconsciously. For example, multitasking is one of the things that can reduce your productivity at work. Of course, now you probably think that all successful people are capable of multitasking. Well, that is not exactly true, as it is not true that multitasking is the right skill that will give you incredible productivity. Productivity is one whole that consists of a number of smaller ones that must work well for the whole system to work. So, you don’t have to do multiple things or tasks at the same time to be productive. It is important to focus on one task by one, and you will surely be more efficient at work.

6. Divide tasks into several smaller entities

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If you have fairly extensive tasks that you need to complete on a daily basis, splitting them into smaller units might be the right thing for you. It is easier to focus on one thing, but if you divide your task into more than one entity, then you will be able to consider how you will get the job done as quickly as possible.

7. Minimize interruptions

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Interruptions are something that can significantly reduce your productivity. When we say interruptions, we mean different things like the visit of other colleagues, new messages on your phone or emails that don’t really matter, etc. So, these interruptions are important to reduce as much as possible because they take up valuable time that you can use in a much better way.

8. Take a break

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Believe it or not, breaks are a very important part of your working day. Sometimes it is very important to take a short break and simply think of something else. Then when you come back, you may get a solution to your problem. Also, you will rest briefly and recover energy to continue.