How to Keep Your Swimming Pool in the Perfect Condition

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We know it is very challenging to maintain your body temperature during the summers. But in summers a properly maintained pool will freshen you for a long time and also become the cause of relaxation and recreation.

But public and casino pools become overfilled as everyone comes up there to freshen themselves. In this way owning a pool at your home is not more than a blessing.

Proper maintenance doesn’t end by just adding chlorine to the water as it just kills the germs and bacteria in water and does nothing else.

It doesn’t remove obstinate stains from tiles, concrete and other areas of the pool. If these stains do not remove over time then these stains will grow into a mold that makes your pool look older than actually, it is.

If you want to keep these problems away then execute proper maintenance daily. For crystal clear water in your pool follow these guidelines for proper maintenance or hire a swimming pool cleaning service company that will do it for you.

The upkeep set of instructions are as follows:

  • Removing the litter
  • DIY Cleaning
  • Pool Chemicals
  • Chlorination

Removing The Litter

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To have a well-maintained and pristine swimming pool, you must pull out the leaves, dirt, and other litter from it. For this purpose, you’ll need a cleaner with features depending on the type of your pool either it is an above-ground or in-ground, size of it and quantum of litter. While purchasing a cleaner take a look at the filtration and plumbing system of the cleaner.

DIY Cleaning

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The cheapest way to maintain and clean your pool is to do it by yourself with the assistance of a hand vacuum. For this purpose attach the vacuum with a skimmer box which creates suction and then operate it physically around the surfaces of the swimming pool. This will take only an hour from your busy schedule and it requires to be done once in a week.

For cleaning purpose you can either do it by yourself by acquiring a mechanical cleaner or hire a professional and experienced cleaner. There are a lot of cleaner service companies out there in a market. They will maintain and clean the pool for you. Moreover, they also look over all the things whether they are operating perfectly or not.


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According to, all the pools have bacteria because of water replenish, leaves, grass and humans. Without uniform sanitation, pools can cause serious health problems. The level of sanitation depends upon all these above factors and also the size of the pool.

Most of the people use chlorine to keep the water clean and in balance. But ozone gas, UV sterilization, bromine or ionization are also the other choices for sanitizing the swimming pool. But due to health concerns, it is recommended that you use chlorine for disinfecting your pool. There are 3 ways by which you can chlorinate your water which are adding chlorine by hand, by using salt chlorinator and by using a liquid chemical feeder.

Chemical Balance

The chemical balance of the pool water is also very important just like the disinfection. It is made up of 68% pH(acidity/alkalinity level), 16% total alkalinity and 16% calcium hardness. For a better and well-maintained pool, you need to keep an eye on the chemical level of water once in a week or daily if it is in high-use.

Maintaining pH Level

It is necessary to maintain the pH of water at the right level otherwise it may cause itchy skin, red eyes and can also lower the efficacy of the chlorine. The standard pH for pool water ranges from 7 to 7.8, while 7.4 is considered an ideal pH level. PH can be changed by the rain, water splashes, people swimming in it and also by the chlorine. Soda ash assists you to lift the pH levels while pool acids are used to lower the pH level of pool water.

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Total Alkalinity

The levels of total alkalinity are also necessary to be maintained in its range. Otherwise, it can bring many problems to you. Its lower level can cause erosion to surface and corrosion to pool equipment and can also disturb the pH level of the water. Its recommended level ranges from 60 to 200 million parts. Buffer is used for elevating the level while acid is used to lower its level.

Calcium Hardness

For a well-maintained pool, it is necessary to maintain the calcium hardness levels. Because lower-level calcium hardness can destroy the equipment and higher levels can cause scale. It can not be measured by the domestic testing kits so for this purpose you have to take the sample of your pool water to a local shop for testing.

Testing Kits

There are a lot of testing kits available in the market. These kits are used to analyze the chlorine level, total alkalinity and acid level. You can also analyze these levels by using electronic testers by just dipping its strip into the water.


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Chlorination By Hand

The most difficult and time-consuming way to disinfect your pool is by hand. For this purpose, you need to check the chlorine level of your water daily and add the required amount of chlorine to reach the appropriate level. This type of chlorination is best for the backyard pool.

Chlorination By Salt Chlorinators

This type of chlorination is best for the saltwater pools. These are convert common crystals of salt into chlorine gas with the assistance of salt chlorinator. These salt chlorinators operate automatically, you need to put salt only at the time of installation of salt chlorinators. Afterward, it cleans the pool on its own. The first dose of salt in pool water is about 4kg for every 1000 liters.

Liquid Chemical Feeders

These feeders run automatically and are inserted at the filtration system. It adds liquid chlorine on its own to the pool water. The simplest model of liquid chemical feeders adds chlorine to the water

which is set by you. While the modern models have sensors that detect the needed amount of chlorine in pool water to reach the appropriate level.

This summer season enjoy and relax in your swimming pool without any worries. We hope these tips on keeping your swimming pool in perfect condition will be beneficial for you.