Know Before You Play – The Best Casino Games in Terms of Odds

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The following are some of the expert tips and insights compiled through several sources. Which deals with finding the games that will provide you the best odds or winning thanks to having low house edges.

If you’re planning a few casino visits this summer or even want to check out some sites at, you might be wondering which games offer you the best chances of winning. After all, as fun, as they are no one enters a casino without the hopes of leaving much richer.

Table Games are Better

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A lot of people will skip past the tables on the floor to head straight to the slots. In fact, the vast majority of people will choose them every time. However, according to the odds and house edge, most table games are a much better choice.

That being said, slots do have the advantage of massive jackpots without needing to spend much. For instance, they are the only type of games where it’s possible to put $5 into a machine and end up winning millions of dollars. Therefore, the appeal will never go away.

Just don’t plan to spend hours and hours on them, unless you really just enjoy the experience. For long-term play, games like roulette and blackjack are more likely to pay. If you feel intimidated by the idea that you need a ton of knowledge or experience to play, that’s not the case at all. Aside from some poker games, most tables are just you against the dealer, so it doesn’t really matter how many card sharks are around you.

Additionally, you can also use all of the great resources like free software games to learn how to play pretty much any casino game that intrigues you.

Let’s take a look at your top choices for where to begin.


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Blackjack is a simple and entertaining card game that many people love to play. Like poker, it’s worthwhile doing even just for fun. However, in a casino, it’s the absolute best option. Thanks to the fact that it has a house edge of around 1%. Which applies if you’re using the basic blackjack strategy.

If you don’t already know, the basic blackjack strategy is a tried-and-true formula for taking the best action that may lead to a win. Basically, in blackjack, it’s between you and the dealer and whoever gets closer to 21 without going over is the winner.

A lot of people get caught up in the idea of trying to get 21 and forget that essentially all you need to do is beat the dealer to win. Therefore, don’t lose sight of that fact and you should be fine.


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We all know craps as that game depicted in movies that always has a loud set of people around it. And the reality is not far from the truth at all. Craps is a game that evokes a lot of excitement because players never compete against each other.

In craps, you have about fifty-fifty odds of winning. Just don’t be intimidated by the fact that everyone else at the table looks like they know exactly what they are doing. In the end, we’re all just guessing where the dice roll will land. Within minutes you’ll definitely grasp the concept and maybe even win some money with the amazing house edge.


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It’s hard not to love roulette when you find out how many different bets there are you can make. Moreover, how great the odds of winning are on some of them. For instance, even-money ones like betting on a color, an even or odd number, has almost fifty-fifty odds of winning.

The game of roulette is also a no-brainer and without a doubt, even a complete newbie will know what to do within moments. Just don’t go and put all your money on a single number. Sure, it might payout 35 to 1 but you have about 1 in 37 odds of winning.

Games to Avoid

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According to the numbers, slots have the worst odds in the casino. In the scenarios where there are huge jackpots on the line, the odds are much better than winning the lottery, but not that much different.

However, we can’t deny that these jackpots will always attract people. Moreover, they do often payout in amounts that could be life-changing.

Tips for Slots

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If you do decide to play slots, you will find hundreds of different options at most of the top online casinos. You might think they are all the same and the only difference is in the themes and denominations. However, there are things to look for that go beyond the look of the game.

Firstly, look for information about the Return to Player rate of a game. This number determines how much of the money that goes into the game gets paid back when people win. Naturally, the higher the RTP, the better the game is to play.

Another thing to ensure you’re doing is checking the paytable for the necessary information about the gameplay. This will tell you how much you need to bet, and how many pay lines to activate in order to hit certain prizes or trigger bonuses and features of the game. For example, most progressives have the requirement that you need to make the maximum bet in order to get a chance to hit that main prize that drew you to the game in the first place.

Keep your sessions short when playing slots. Sure, they can be tons of fun and highly addictive. However, they do have quite a high house edge, which means the casino will get you in the end if you don’t quit while you’re ahead.

Shorter sessions are great when playing slots, and for longer playtimes, table games are much better. Above all, the most important thing to remember is to quit while you’re ahead and avoid chasing losses.