Living Near a Lake: Tricks and Tips on How to Make it Work

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Lakefront living is a unique experience, one that is completely different when compared to having a house in a normal settlement in the suburbs, for example. There are things your house gets exposed to, and at the same time, there are unique privileges that you have access to. The following are some of the ways you can make your stay near a lake fun and comfortable.

Determine the Quality of the Water

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The freedom to go for a swim is the most natural feeling when you live close to a large water body like a lake. However, you will need to exercise caution since not every lake you see is safe to jump in. You need to know if it has harmful chemicals and pathogens in it since factories have the bad habit of dumping waste in lakes. If you do not see any sign of life in the water, then that is a major red flag.

Be Wary of Water Animals Too

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Areas like Florida are notorious for being home to the highest population alligators in the United States. With that in mind, do not just go about casually in and around the lake without any care in the world. These are dangerous animals. If you determine that the water bordering your property is infested with gators, then you may have to take cautionary maneuvers like putting up a fence to stop them from coming ashore.


You can add Amenity Structures

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You will most likely own a boat if you are living near a lake, or at least, your neighbors and friends will have them. To increase your mobility, you may have to put up water-related structures like a kayak floating dock, a floating pontoon, or a jet ski dock where you can anchor your kayaks, boats, and jet skis, please click here for more information. You can also add a gazebo or a floating bar to entertain your friends and neighbors when they come over.

Prepare for Bad Weather

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Large water bodies tend to influence the weather of the adjacent land and when you are living literally on the edge of the lake means you will be experiencing the full brunt of a storm. Always be ready for such situations by reinforcing your home to stop it from being blown into the air. It would help if you also constructed gabions around the house to counter floods during the rainy season as the lake’s water levels go up.

You will also need ample storage to put all your boats and jets during winter when the lake freezes over. Leaving them out in the open can damage them permanently.

Get a Comprehensive Insurance Cover

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Insuring property that is close to a water body is very expensive, for good reasons. Something as big as a lake has so many unpredictable variables, from storms, floods, hurricanes, animal attacks. Therefore, insurance companies tend to be very particular about the things they deem worthy of being covered. Make sure you get the best insurance plan you can because sooner or later, you will need it.

Benefits of Living Near a Lake

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All the challenges aside, living near a lake has some fulfilling benefits that include the following:

You Get Some Tranquility

Being surrounded by swathes of water with your nearest neighbor out of sight and earshot brings a certain kind of peace that cannot be found anywhere else. Getting lost in the sounds of nature is therapeutic and highly recommended.

Fresh Air

Being far from busy streets and town centers will give you a taste of how good breathing fresh air can be. Water plants have been known to be among the biggest synthesizers of oxygen, and living next to a water body that large gives you exclusive front row seats to the fresh oxygen party.

It is an Investment Opportunity

Lakefront property is prime property that is sought after by many people with the financial muscle to back them up. If you ever decide to sell your lakefront house, you could fetch even triple the price you bought it with. Aside from selling, there are many money-making ideas you can implement on your lakefront property to create an extra revenue stream. You could set up a boat renting business right from your backyard without paying any fees to anyone.

You Get To Experience Adventure

With a whole lake to yourself, you can do anything you want. You could decide to go for a swim in the middle of the night, and no one will stop you. You can decide to camp out at night or spend time with your family around the campfire. You could go for a speedboat cruise at any time of the day or even take part in boat races. You will never experience a single dull moment when you live near a waterfront property.

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Despite all the challenges associated with lakefront property, especially the maintenance part, it is not all gloom and doom. Living by the lake comes with benefits that far outweigh the drawbacks. Therefore, if you have been on the fence, undecided on whether to purchase a lakefront house for your retirement, this article should give you all the reasons you need to go ahead with that purchase.