How to Prepare Yourself for a Survival Adventure

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We are all getting very excited when we hear the word adventure. But, only the experienced adventurers know that they need to prepare well before they leave their home because nature can be very unpredictable and cruel. Yes, it’s also exciting, but everyone who is taking a big step like this should be prepared for literally everything, like heavy rains, getting lost in the woods, meeting with more or less dangerous animals, too hot or too cold weather, mosquitos and insects, lack of clean drinking water and so on.

Surviving in extreme weather conditions is not easy, but it’s also not impossible. Actually, most of the people who go hunting in the mountains, camping, or fishing, are getting back home after a few days or weeks. Also, you need to define what you understand by the term adventure and how far are you ready to go, so you can feel the adrenaline flow in your blood. For someone, hiking a high peak is what they need to do to feel that excitement, and other people can just swim in forbidden areas so they can feel great.

According to you should learn how to protect yourself when on a trip like we described in the previous paragraph, but also keeping your family safe and be prepared for every unusual and unexpected situation that may occur.

When you need to stay a few days in the wilderness, probably you will need to find a proper tent, that will offer double protection for rain, keep the interior warm, without letting insects inside. So, if you decide to go camping, or stay in your tent for some reason, you will need:

Waterproof cover for the floor

The ground can be wet and cold and a nice waterproof and insulation cover will provide great protection and a good surface for your sleeping bags or blankets. Keep in mind that sleeping in a tent is not that comfortable as in bed, so you may need to take an extra pillow or blanket. And when it comes to that…

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Pack your backpack smartly

You must plan this trip a few months in advance. Pillows and blankets are pretty big, and if you need to reach some spot by a walk, it will be very difficult for you to bring the huge backpack with you. If you want to go camping during the cold months, you may need to plan that trip very carefully. It’s easier in spring and summer because the weather is warmer and you don’t need that many blankets and sheets.

Take enough food

Some people are planning they will hunt or go fishing, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to bring enough food with you. Sometimes, these plans are hard to release, and you can’t hold onto fishes, plants, wild fruits, and meat. So, we recommend you take enough canned food, dried bread, dried fruits, and any other type of ingredients that won’t spoil if not kept in the fridge.

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Find a good water cleaning pump

People who are often in the mountains can’t bring a lot of bottles with water with them, so they need to find a way to use natural water for cooking and drinking. There are many springs and lakes in the mountains, and luckily, people already invented filter pumps that come with pill-like water cleansers, that can turn almost every natural water into drinking one. But, you also need to be careful, and if the cleaned water doesn’t look good to you, it’s better to repeat the procedure once again or to find another source, so you can avoid stomach poisoning.

Always have a first aid kit with you

It’s very easy to get hurt when on your adventure, so the first aid kit will help you fix those problems until you are able to find and visit a doctor. Also, it may be good to take some first aid course, so you can know how to use all those things in the kit.

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Wear appropriate clothes

You will meet different weather conditions when you reach the place you’ll need to stay, especially if you are near the sea, or high in the mountains. Wearing proper clothes will keep your body warm at night, without letting the insects bite you. Many people suffer when they wear just ordinary clothes they are using at home, but every adventurer knows that the conditions in nature are not the same as staying a few hours in the yard. So, always have your raincoat, a few pairs of clean and dry socks to replace, long sleeve blouse, lightweight shirts and pants and proper footwear with you.

Learn some basic surviving skills

It’s not enough to be prepared with proper gear before you leave your home for an adventure. You also need to learn and adopt some crucial surviving skills, like setting bonfire, keeping the food away from the sun, some basic knots for setting the tent, preparing meals with just a few ingredients, using the insect repellent properly, learning how to overcome the fear of snakes and wild animals… There are a lot of things you must learn if you want to take a trip as we described in this article. Getting ready for an adventurous traveling can be very tricky because you always risk to pack unnecessary things and to forget the important ones at home.

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Read books and ask for experiences

There is nothing wrong to want to educate yourself about this, so books can be a good starting point for your preparation process. Also, you surely know some people that already went on this type of trip, so their experience can be very valuable for you. So, don’t mind to talk to them, share your opinions, and appreciate their recommendations.

You only need to follow a few simple surviving rules when it comes to these adventures: maintain a proper temperature in your tent, wear appropriate clothes, don’t risk with the food you will find in nature, and try to adapt to the particular situation, without trying to change it.