How to Tell Real From Fake Virgin Human Hair Wigs

If you like beautiful, quality hair and want to have one, you can decide to buy virgin hair. This is a great idea because natural hair can change your overall look and make you much happier. However, not all vendors are trusted, and not all sell high-quality products. Unfortunately, it often happens that people are deceived and give money for natural hair, and get synthetic in return. This can be pretty stressful and lead to throwing money into the wind. In case you want to avoid this unpleasant experience and prevent losing money on fakes, you can read the text below and get informed in time. Here’s how to tell real from fake virgin human hair wigs.

1. Overall appearance

You can form the first judgment on whether a wig is real or fake just by looking at it. A wig that is fake will surely give such an impression. Fake synthetic wigs look too good to be true. In case the wig looks flawless, you should ask yourself if it is really natural. Of course, it is also possible that the donor’s hair is well preserved and looks very well-groomed and beautiful. But we suggest you double-check before you buy the perfect wig that doesn’t look realistic.

2. Check color and color uniformity

The color of the hair can say a lot about its origin. For starters, keep in mind that the color of a real virgin hair is almost always black or brown because it has the color of a donor. If the color is significantly different from this, you should be suspicious. Another credible piece of information is color uniformity. As you know, the color of your hair is not perfectly uniform due to the influence of the sun, wind, and other external factors. Usually, it is dark at the root, while the ends are lighter and have a slightly different texture. Always take a look at the color and appearance of the wig first and conclude whether it is straight or someone is trying to deceive you.

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3. Burn the hair and check how it reacts

Another good way to check if a wig is real or fake is to burn the hair and check how it reacts. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean that you will have to sacrifice a wig to conclude who it came from, because then it wouldn’t matter anyway. All you have to do is cut a small lock of hair and place it over the flame. Synthetic one will catch fire and flames will form, which almost never happens with virgin human hair. The real one will only create smoke, but it will not burn. You can also tell by the smell whether the hair is real or fake. We all know the unpleasant smell that occurs when hair burns. However, a fake wig will not have the same smell when ignited. Instead, you will feel the unpleasant smell of burning plastic, which is a clear sign that it is not natural.

4. Run your fingers through the hair and check the texture

The texture of the wig can also say a lot about the origin of the wig. A good way to draw a conclusion is to run your fingers through your hair. Real virgin human hair will have a slightly coarser texture, while synthetic one is always very soft and silky. This may seem tempting, it is a bad sign because it means that the wig has been treated with chemicals.
Also, virgin human hair has cuticles, while synthetic does not because they have been removed by some treatment, such as acid treatment. This does not mean that the wig is necessarily bad, but you should be aware that it is not NATURAL, and that is what you pay for. If you run your fingers up and down your hair and notice that it offers no resistance when you make an upward movement, it may indicate that it is synthetic.

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5. Check the credibility of the hair vendor

Checking the characteristics of a wig is not the only way to conclude whether it is real or fake. You can also do this by checking the credibility of the seller. It’s a good idea to google them and read people’s experiences, as well as comments about the quality of the products they bought from them. In case the company has excellent ratings and positive reviews, there is no reason to doubt the quality of the wigs it offers. On you can find information about wigs sold by one of the best virgin hair companies. Make an effort to find someone that won’t trick you and sell you hair of dubious quality.

6. The price should be realistic

The fact is that virgin human hair is on the pricier side compared to synthetic products. And that’s the way it should be. If you get surprised by how low the price of the ‘virgin hair’ is, that may be because it is not natural but fake. Be careful when it comes to promo prices and sales periods. This can be an easy way for not-to-be-trusted vendors to sell you their low-quality, fake ones. Before you buy a wig with an extremely low price, double check if it is human hair, or someone is trying to trick you. Of course, if you come across a company you trust, that has a promo period for selling their quality products, then you are very lucky, and why not give it a go.


Conclusion: Investing in quality virgin human hair is always a great idea if you are into it and want a nice change. However, the fact is that there are many hair vendors who are not trusted and who sell fake wigs advertising them as real virgin hair. In case your appearance, price, or reputation of a vendor raises doubts, there are several ways to check if the wig is real or fake. We always suggest that you inquire well and double-check before you give your hair vendor your time, trust, and money.