Recover Your Photos from SD Cards – How to Guide 2024


Some people like to say that we live in a world of photos. Well, that is not far away from the truth. Whatever people do or wherever they go, there is a big chance they will take a picture or a selfie.

The “popularity” of photos drastically started to grow from the moment when social media became popular. That’s why the galleries of our phones and computer devices are full of hundreds of pictures. Yet, we can agree on all that not all the pictures from our gallery are equally important. Some of them we make literally because we are bored.

Well, this maybe is some sort of entertainment. Taking selfies can fulfill our free time. Yet, a lot of pictures in one place can lead to making some big mistakes. One of the mistakes is deleting our photos from the SD card.

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If that photo was less important to us, then the problem is not that big. However, what if the current photo was an important memory that you wanted to keep for the rest of your life? In that case, things become more complex.

Fortunately, you do not have to worry. It is possible to recover your photos from the SD card. Actually, things are not complicated at all. There are three different ways that we want to highlight. We are sure that each one will bring back memories that you accidentally deleted.

Recover Device’s Storage or Memory

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We will start with a basic piece of advice. Yet, even for this “basic” suggestion, you have to be careful.
Well, the first place to look for photos that are deleted from an SD card is the device’s internal memory. This also includes “temporary storage” on Windows PC and Mac. After you delete the photo, the storage space is freed up for future use. This is an important fact that you need to remember. The photo itself won’t immediately disappear from the SD card.

That’s why we need to highlight one CRUCIAL thing. You need to stop using the device immediately after you delete the photo. If you continue using it, the chances to recover the photo are reducing. The lost picture will be overwritten with some other files.

How you will recover the lost file depends on the device that you use. For each type of device, things are different. For instance, iOS users will need to use Photos to attempt recovery. When you open Photos, navigate to albums. See which photos are recently deleted. You only need to move them back to the album where they were previously located.

That’s the entire process which seems quite easy to us. There’s no need for additional explanations. Because of that, we will move to the second step.

Recover Photo from a Backup

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Well, it seems to us that people do not understand the importance of backups. We understand that you forgot to backup the photo because you didn’t have time. For example, let’s say that you took a photo 5 seconds ago. You checked it and you like how it looked. However, instead of saving it, you accidentally pressed the “delete” button. Well, in that case, you would not have time to back it up.

However, there is one thing when recovering from a backup that can be quite helpful. If the SD card is used for transferring photos to be viewed on different devices, and the picture has been resident on the card for some time, then the backup is the key. In that case, you should immediately back up the card.
How you will back up the photo or photos is completely your choice. For example, iOS users can use iCloud or iTunes to protect their pictures.

Yet, whichever method you use, backups of the data is not limited only on laptop and desktop devices. We need to say this because we have noticed that people only back up their files on those two devices. It is something you should do on your mobile device as well. This also includes any SD cars that contain pictures.

Finally, there is one situation when backing up is the only solution that you have. Let’s imagine that you somehow lost your SD card. That would mean that you will lose all the photos that were there. Well, in that case, backing up is the only solution that you have.

We hope that you understand now the true importance of this method.

Recover the Photos with Data Recovery Software

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Well, the previous two methods of photo recovery from SD card usually are effective. Yet, it might happen that they are not appropriate for your situation. For instance, if you haven’t done the backups or not created a copy of your photo, the previous steps won’t mean a lot to you. Despite that, what if you do not notice that your photos are missing? Maybe you realize that a couple of days after the “issue” happened. In that case, the first method also isn’t the option you can use.

Fortunately, the programmers are people that think about every problem that can happen. The victim of delete photos can use the benefits of advanced technology to solve this problem. We are talking here about data recovery software solutions!

You will find dozens of them online, but we can’t guarantee that they will provide you quality. Yet, there is one that we would want to suggest. We suggest you check Stellar Photo Recovery and see which solutions their piece of software offers.

This company works for more than 25 years. They are constantly updating their pieces of software and offer users different solutions. For example, you can recover deleted videos, photos, and music files with their program. Despite that, you can also restore photos with original date-timestamp and name. Finally, the users can use recovers from formatted, corrupt and encrypted storage media. We need to say that the interface of the app is simple and user-friendly. If you haven’t used this type of tool before, then you don’t have to worry. You will quickly understand how the app works.

So, which of these three methods sounds like the most effective one? We would like to hear from you!