7 Things to Know About Hardwood Floor Refinishing – 2024 Guide

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Hardwood flooring looks not only beautiful but also requires frequent touch-ups to keep it well-maintained. With time, the flooring gets dull, and you need to do something to bring back the shine. Many people think that cleaning and maintaining the natural shine of the floor can be a bit challenging.

Hence, many individuals do not put much effort. In the end, your entire house will look dull and disappointing. In the following write-up, you will understand the importance of refinishing the hardwood floor and considering certain things before doing any work on your floors. RedSail PM Company advises it is crucial to take care of the flooring because it will last for more years.

If you do not maintain it, then one day, you will have to spend a lot of money on a significant renovation. Therefore, if you want any in-depth knowledge about cleaning and maintaining, then you can visit thehousewire.com. Let us start discussing some crucial things.

1. Finishing Types

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Three kinds of finishes are available that you can choose for your flooring. Every person has a different choice regarding the finishes. You can select any one that suits your house and your budget very well.

  • Polyurethane: It is a plastic-finish oil or water type of flooring finish. With time, the color of the floor turns dark or yellow. You will not observe any change in the flooring when you apply any paint. If you live in a high-moisture area, it can be quite challenging to repair and maintain the floor frequently. If you use the finish, then your floor will stay the same for many years.
  • Varnish: If you want a matte-glossy finish, then you can consider this one. It gives a fantastic luster and shines to the floor. With time, it gets dark, and there is no risk of spots. It is easy to repair as compared to Polyurethane.
  • Penetrating Sealer: If you want to give a natural finish to your flooring, then you must consider this one. It provides incredible shine and natural appearance to the wooden floor. With time, it gets darken and also protect it effectively because of wax. This finish is durable and is relatively easy to repair.

2. Take Help from Professional

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If you are not good at cleaning, repairing, and maintaining your house floor, you must take professional help. You can seek professional advice and consider various changes you can make in your house according to your budget.

The experts will examine the type of flooring, whether it is thin or thick. They will suggest what is better for your place and how you will be in benefits if you opt for any finish. Ensure that you must hire a professional team by considering reviews and testimonials.

3. Consider Your Budget

Every person has a different budget, and they consider finishing their flooring in a specific duration. You have to set your budget and determine how you can refinish the hardwood floor. It is okay if you spend a bit more money based on the requirements. You have to consider your budget so that you do not exceed your expenses.

4. Time Required for the Refinishing

Many people have a busy schedule, and they do not have much time to spend on floor refinishing. Such people want to complete their tasks quickly and effectively. These individuals look for easy and quick methods of refinishing the hardwood floor.

It is vital to consider this factor and ask for such methods from professionals. They will suggest what is good and quick for your house. If you have a tight schedule, then it is essential to manage everything efficiently.

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5. Repairing Gaps

With time, your floor may develop get gashes and gaps. It is essential to repair them because it can worsen if they do not take care of it. If you live in a specific place with high humidity levels, then there are more chances of developing gaps.

It is necessary to repair them frequently because the wood continuously expands due to moisture in summers and compress during winters. The temperature affects the floor quality, and it is quite crucial to maintain it.

6. Considering the Right Strain

Plenty of options are there that one can choose when it comes to strain while refinishing the flooring. If you consider the waxed one, it undoubtedly gives a fantastic shine but can be a bit slippery. There is an option of applying oil for the finish, which makes the floor water-resistant.

There are chances of getting dark with time, and no stains will be visible on the surface. Some people prefer that their house floor must not have any oil, wax, or grease. They may prefer the use of chemicals to provide a fantastic finish to the floors. It may include a bit of sanding to give a natural and pleasant appearance.


7. Check Whether You Can Refinish Your Hardwood Floor

Every hardwood floor comes with its specifications and can or cannot be refinished on its quality. It is necessary to check the details of the flooring so that you can easily determine whether your hardwood floor is capable enough for the refinishing or not.

When you are constructing your house or renovating it, make sure that you check the flooring quality and how frequently you will need repairs and maintenance. In this way, you will know how much you will have to spend on the maintenance and other expenses on your floor.

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The Bottom Line

In many houses, people prefer to have a hardwood floor. With time, the floor gets gaps, which need to be repaired and maintained with time. There is a frequent need for refinishing to maintain the quality and appearance of the floor.

It is essential to consider the specific things mentioned earlier if you plan to do so at your home. It will help you fix all the flooring problems effectively and keep those changes for a long time. You must consider those refinishing techniques to save your money from expensive repairs and maintenance.