Top 11 Ancient Egyptian Historical Sights you Must Visit in 2024

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One of the oldest and perhaps most fertile cultures in the world was Egyptian. The number of sights built and the gigantism of the structures takes the breath away and makes everyone wonder how did, without the technology, buildings grew so tall. Mesmerizing buildings and very rich history make these sights famous and loved amongst the tourists. Many come back to see them once again, learning new things each time. Down below is the list of top sights to visit.

1. Giza Pyramids

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This one was obvious, these pyramids are well known for their size and position. They are the only sight that can be visited from all Seven wonders of the ancient. Here, you can see the pyramids and the very famous Sphynx, the statue with the lion’s body and humans head. It has been speculated that they were positioned in accordance with the stairs in the sky.

2. Valley of the Kings

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Located on the riverbank of the Nile, Valley of the Kings is a well-known place to visit when in Egypt. On the east side of the river, you can see a busy bazaar, while the west side is a complete opposite being a resting place for the king’s tombs. Take your time while exploring this site during your Egypt tomb tours, since it has a lot to offer.

A different point of view and impression of this place can be seen from a different perspective. As the Nile is the river that feeds these lands, and all ancient cities have been located next to the banks of it. A cruise down the Nile will provide an extraordinary experience and new look onto this historical place. offers cruises down the Nile enabling your new experiences at a glance.

3. Cairo

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This site offers a lot of monuments, such as Bab Zuweila, a gate from which the whole landscape can be seen, which can be explored, and with rich bazaar and shops, it provides a true experience of the Arabian world. The district in which shopping can be done is called Khan el-Khalili, providing different types of merchandise that can be bought.

4. Aswan

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Another city that can be seen from both land and the Nile; is a peaceful town surrounded by the sand and dunes. Here, you can experience camel riding, which is a true tourist attraction. With temples and monuments located here, historical enthusiasts will enjoy. This place is also perfect for laying low, take a few deep breaths and let all the emotions sink in.

5. Abu Simbel

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This temple has been labeled as very unique; it is large and has four distinct statues guarding the entrance to it. The size of the statues takes the breath away and makes the one looking to them feel even smaller. If this was not impressive enough, the inside of the temple has been painted from ceiling to the floor. What is interesting for it is that today’s location of the temple is not the one where it was originally built. Since there was the dam in the build, in fear of being completely flooded and destroyed, this temple was moved to a new, safe location in the 60s.

6. Egyptian museum

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Located in Cairo, this museum is the one that should not be missed when visiting. It has one of the biggest collections, and it is a home of many Egyptian kings mummified. Whoever comes to Cairo should visit this place, since it holds a big piece of Egyptian culture and history.

7. Siwa Oasis

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This place is truly mesmerizing, and it looks like it was just dropped there since the whole area is being surrounded by the palm trees and springs filled with freshwater, hence the name oasis. Sand-colored buildings look like they are giant sandcastles. In the middle is the famous citadel. This is a good rerouting place, from which adventures in the desert can be planned.

8. Alexandria

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What to say about this amazing place? The history of it is no match to most places on Earth. It was established by the Greek ruler Alexander the Great. Other great and significant rulers for Egypt rested here. One of the most famous female rulers, Cleopatra, was residing here as well. Now, the town has kept the ancient part but adapted to modern times, and offers a perfect balance between the modern vacation and great historical residence.

9. St. Catherine’s Monastery

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This monastery is known to be one of the oldest in the world, and its location is very important since it stands on the foothill of Mount Sinai, the very place whereby the lore Moses was presented with 10 commandments. The inside of the monastery there is a lot of artwork such as paintings, statues, and manuscripts. Once here, most tourists use the opportunity to get to the top of the hill in order to enjoy the view.

10. Abydos Temple

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Yet one more in the sea of Temples that can be seen; what makes it so special? Not only that is enormous, but it is decorated with incredible artwork and hieroglyphs. Since this is not a conventional place to be visited by most of the tourists, it is an excellent place to peacefully and at your own ace look through and admires the sight.

11. Saqqara

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This place is in the shadows of the Great Pyramids of the Giza. It is a famous necropolis, and a lot of kings from the so-called old kingdom were buried here. This place also stands as a very important archeological site, and it is worth visiting.


There are many places that must be visited while exploring Ancient Egyptian culture. The architecture is unbelievable, and the art that can be found in the tombs, temples, and museums will enrich your knowledge about this ancient land as well as leave you speechless. There are many more places to visit, but the ones mentioned should not be left unseen.