Top 4 Media Streaming Services That You Can Replace With IPTV

Along with the penetration of IPTV, some of the leading media streaming services have been replaced. That’s because you don’t have to spend your money separately to use media streaming services. Instead, you are provided with all the freedom to get the most out of IPTV and enjoy the same content. In order to convince you to get your hands on a new IPTV subscription, we thought of sharing some more details about some of the most prominent streaming services that are available out there.

Media streamers for IPTV have become one of the most popular gadgets used by people in today’s world. They are in a position to assist people to gain access to content that they love. You will be able to enjoy the latest movies and TV shows by purchasing a media streamer. Content is available to you on-demand and you will be able to go through them at any preferred time as well. Hence, you will not be tied to the schedules of the television channels.

Presently there is a huge demand for streaming movies and TV shows on the internet and IPTV Palace is there to secure it all. The main advantage is that you do not need storage devices to store the content. However, there are a number of video streaming services available and here in this article, we are going to discuss the features of the leading streaming services in brief.

1. Netflix

Source: The Jakarta Post

Netflix is obviously ranked at the top. It started way back in 1997.

Content: Netflix says that its library has thousands of movies and TV series and never mentions an exact number. The library keeps growing and growing. Netflix is known to be a trendsetter in the field of streaming. Furthermore, Netflix has a lot of shows that you will not find anywhere else and that exclusiveness is definitely worth the money. Some series broke through and they are famous worldwide only because they streamed on Netflix.

Price: Streaming services starts from $9 a month for new customers. It also provides the option of getting the physical DVD. Netflix Platinum offers access to its 4K library at a rate of $12.

Availability: Netflix is compatible with all the devices from gaming consoles to smartphones without any trouble as its existence is so long. All the mainstream app stores host Netflix app with them.

Verdict: Netflix is considered to be a solid choice in streaming with an ever-growing library. It is ad-free and hassle-free streaming choice for subscribers.

2. Sling TV

Source: Variety

It is relatively a newcomer to the market as it is released in 2015. Basically it streams live TV from ESPN, Comedy Central, AMC, and TNT.  No contract or cancellation fees.

Content: Ideal for those who need access to ESPN without a cable subscription. It includes more than 200 Live TV Channels in almost 18 different languages. Depending on the requirement, you may upgrade this subscription to gain access to more life streaming channels.

Price: Basic subscription will start from $20 per month. Additions can be done at $5 per package.

Availability: The availability of sling is limited. The app is can be run on Amazon Fire TV Box, Stick and Roku TVs, most of the apple devices running on iOS 7 or later, and the Xbox One.

Verdict: Sling is perfect for sport fans although not the complete alternative for a complete cable channel subscription.

3. Amazon prime

Source: Cnet

Amazon sells everything on the internet and streaming is no exception.

Content: Although, at the beginning, it was pay-per-view service, not it has partnerships with giants like Epix and Warner Bros. The content library has massively expanded as a result of it

Price: Amazon prime bundle is available at an annual fee of $99 or a monthly fee of $8.25

Availability: This is compatible with major set-top streaming boxes, major gaming consoles, tablets, and smartphones.

Verdict: With the rapid diversification of Amazon, Amazon prime is subjected to grow quickly in near future. This is an affordable smart selection of streaming.

4. Hulu

Source: Business Insider

Hulu was founded back in the year 2017. During the initial days, the service offered by Hulu was given for free. As of now, it is known as a great option available for the people to get their hands on numerous entertainment options from the comfort of home.

Content: Hulu’s library has a modest selection of movies. But it plays the current episodes of TV shows just after the original is aired. This is one of the main advantages of Hulu. If you are not after thousands and thousands of shows but you want the best only, make sure to check this out.

Price: Hulu’s full and regularly updated library is accessible for a monthly cost of $7.99 per month

Availability: Hulu is compatible with all the devices from streaming boxes to smartphones.

Verdict: Hulu Plus is a great selection for TV lovers. It is constantly updating. It has the most recent TV shows than all the competitors.

Final words

Now you are aware of what you can get along with the most prominent streaming services available out there. Instead of sticking to these streaming services, you can simply think about replacing them and buy IPTV. Then you will experience all the perks that will come along with this service. In Addition, This can help you to save a lot of money in the long run as well.

It comes to no surprise that more and more people opt for IPTV instead. It is growing in popularity, especially among the younger generations and make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity.