Musical Instruments a Few Clicks Away From You: Top 8 Musical Apps for iOS and Android in 2024

People who are fond of music are discovering more and more ways to practice and show off their talent and capability. While playing directly on a musical instrument is amazing and indeed a surreal experience technology has made it much easier for people to simply carry musical devices in their phone weighing merely a few grams.

Even though a mobile app experience cannot top the live first-hand encounter with an instrument while taking music lessons in your home with help of online teaching sites such as or via classes it is undoubtedly a great platform to polish your musical skills or at least learn the basics.

There are a number of applications accessible for free from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. If you’re searching for the right musical instrument applications, you’ll consider a number of other devices that are less suitable.

So, to weed all the possibilities and only leave you with the best musical instrument applications for your iOS and Android devices, this post will highlight 8 of the best apps that we think can give you real value.

Let’s discuss some of the best musical apps that you can download in your Android or iPhone.

1. Metronome

Source: KVR Audio

The device that fits very well for music lovers is the Metronome application. Featuring a rich single-screen interface, the Metronome software utilizes blinking LED lights to produce complicated rhythms. This software gives you 6 rhythmic patterns to use, 3 sound sets, and multi-tasking help for a more unique experience.

2. iBone

iBone simply offers an iPhone master class in musical instrument design. It’s operating in too many different ways. You might pick it up and have fun performing, but if you learn your way around a true trombone, you’re really going to get a computer player.

As well as blowing through an iPhone mic (or an iPod touch mic with an add-on, such as a headphone), you can push the slide with your palm, or even reach the notes on the app’s context screen. In addition to singing along to the iBone Songbook theme, you can also pick a track from your iPhone music library to incorporate some ‘core’ as well. Death Metal is going especially well in our view.

3. Ultimate Guitar App

Source: App Store – Apple

The first music instrument device you need to try out is the Ultimate Guitar app. Accessible for both iOS and Android, this software offers you access to a broad variety of music choices, such as guitar, ukulele chords, lyrics, and buttons, for the comfort of your smartphone.

Watch and sample over 800,000 tracks and use the tools available to customize words, tabs, and chords to match your needs. Based on which ways you like to change the most, Ultimate Guitar is just what you need to do to make that possible.

4. Pro Metronome


Yes, you heard that right.

It was the Metronome app first, and now it’s the Pro Metronome version. This app is one of the most popular musical instrument applications that lets you tailor your music practice skills to the degree you need. With this device, you can quickly adjust beat sounds, ascents, volume beats, control polyrhythmic settings, and construct complex patterns. You may use movements or lead bursts to get the patterns correct in action.

5. Virtuoso Piano

Source: App Store – Apple

There’s a variety of piano applications available for the iPhone, but we prefer this incredibly basic edition, not only because of its zero price tag. With a very good sound emulating a grand piano performance, download it, and in no time can you click the virtual ivories.

You may opt to get the keys branded with the notes or not, and there’s the option to “spin” the keys to a fast thrill. The device shows eight keys on the iPhone display, and you can use the slider bar above to move up and down across the six usable octaves.

6. Pocket Guitar


If you can keep your fingers around the normal fret frame, you’ll actually consider this device easy to pick up until you get the feel of clicking rather than picking up. With six guitar sounds to pick from, you can configure the sound to be acoustic or electrical, as well as change the distortion and accelerometer effects that are beautifully seen in the video above. There’s always an atmosphere for the southpaws (lefties), and most of all, calloused fingers are a thing of the past.

7. Jug Band


Jug Band has you well positioned on the folk or tribal music side of things with an app that provides a washboard, a kazoo, a knife, and, of course, a jug impact. The washboard functions through the monitor, the spoons like in real life, and the kazoo and the jug by singing into the mic (or the actual mic in the case of the iPod touch). If you can get over the absurdity of playing a 99 cent game on an expensive device to imitate the tone of home-made music, it’s a lot of fun.

8. Simply Piano


If you’re a pianist and you’re searching for the right app to help you develop your talents, the Simply Piano could be the ideal fit. Everything you need to do with this device is simply put your mobile on your acoustic and start playing the piano.

The software can immediately recognize the tunes and include input about how to do the fairing. You may choose to take a full course and continue your path to becoming a pro by using your mobile. If you’re a pro or a novice, Simply Piano is an app that can carry your music experience to a new stage.


Whether you are taking music lessons in your home or going to the classes for a perfect music session. Most of these apps are free and provide an amazing experience to the users.

The app developers are working day and night to provide an amazing user experience and music quality for their audience. So it’s the right time to install your favorite app on your phone!