What Type of Door Is Best for an Exterior Door?

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All exterior ones must withstand for many years different weather conditions, such as rain, snow, scorching sun and everything else that damages the material from which they are made.

Also, the doors have to protect us from these external influences. They also serve as insulation, to keep the heat in the house and the cold outside. They must be very strong and safe, in order to reduce the possibility of burglary. A large percentage of burglars, as many as 35 percent, use exactly the entrance door to break into a house, more than they use a garage and windows, which are otherwise considered the most vulnerable places.

Also, they have an aesthetic role. They must be visually appealing, because they are very visible and therefore will significantly affect the overall appearance of the house. After all, it is the first impression your house will leave on someone. While once wood was practically the only material used, today they are being made from a variety of materials that all have their advantages and disadvantages. To shorten your search, we will analyze each type and material, so it will be easy for you to conclude what type is best for an exterior door.

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Best materials available

There are various different types, but only thing that makes a big difference is the material it is made of. Also, many doors are made of several different materials, so for example it differs from what the frame is made of and so on. We will present you some of the best available so that you can more easily decide which one is ideal for you.


We will start with wood which is the most popular material and has been used the longest. It can also be said that it is a traditional choice because it has been used for hundreds and even thousands of years for various types of gates and doors. What makes it so popular, among other things, is that it is very customizable. There are so many different types of wood available, that you can choose literally everything, price, look, shape and everything else. Some of the most commonly used are oak, cherry, walnut, maple and pine, and you can also find mahogany if you want really luxurious, then fir and many other types.

The price varies greatly, so you can find a combination of real wood and artificial materials for a few hundred dollars, and it can cost you ten thousand dollars if it is mahogany. If you want a perfect look and quality then choose wood, but if durability is most important to you, then there are definitely better options. As you know wood is a natural material and that is why it tends to decay faster than steel, for example. If you carry out regular maintenance, which includes repainting, wooden ones will definitely serve you for many years. If you want to find out more about how external wooden doors can be more durable, visit klarwindows.co.uk. Another way to extend their service life is to install a storm door.

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If security is your primary concern, then steel doors are a great choice. As you know, steel is a very solid material and burglars will have a very difficult task when they try to break into your house. Also, they are the most durable of all. They can be any color you want, but the look and shapes themselves do not vary as much and are therefore not as attractive as wooden ones. However, this should not worry you much, because although they are not equally beautiful, the design has been significantly improved, so the difference in appearance is getting smaller. And when we know how much security they provide, then they are a great choice.

You need a very strong frame to hold them, as they are very heavy. Although they are so durable, dents and maybe rust will appear over time, and the problem is that it is practically impossible to fix. One solution is to replace and install new ones. However, since they are not very expensive and will take a long time, the replacement should not be a big expense for you.

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New materials have brought a revolution, and this is where fiberglass stands out the most. If you want to strike a balance between the beauty provided by wood and safety and the durability provided by steel, then fiberglass is the right choice. They can look very similar to wooden ones and do not need any maintenance.

They can only fade, nothing else can happen to them. Also, they are very well insulated, so they are energy efficient. Because of all these benefits, they cost like higher-end wood doors, but since they are offering you all in one, you will not go wrong if you spend more money on fiberglass door, because it will pay off many times over. You won’t have to change them for decades, and your electricity bill will be lower. So in the long run they are actually the most affordable option, and they are the most expensive only at the time of installation.


Glass ones are very attractive looking and will provide you with plenty of daylight. However, if privacy is important to you, then they are not a good choice, because everyone will be able to see what is happening inside your house. Also, they are generally not very good when it comes to insulation. Consider pairing them with a door made of some other material and then it can be a great combination.

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Aluminum does not differ too much from steel and fiberglass when it comes to characteristics. However, they are used less often, and most often you will see them as storm doors. If you are wondering what storm doors are, as we have already mentioned it, they are doors that are usually placed in front of entry doors, to further improve insulation, allow more daylight, prevent insects from entering and protect entry doors, which is especially important if they are made of wood.


As you can see, it is difficult to choose a winner, although fiberglass seems to be the closest to the first place. It is up to you to choose according to your wishes, budget and needs, and do not forget that you can combine.