5 Reasons why Vinyl and Turntables are Making a Comeback in 2024

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Music is what makes the world spin, and in the past few years, we can see the trend of reintroducing some of the forgotten devices with improved technology. One of them is turntables and vinyl records. Some say that the sound that can be heard on the vinyl cannot be compared to anything you have heard so far. This is one of the reasons these are becoming more popular.

1. Ownership

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When it comes to music, yes, it is available through different streaming services and it is just one click away from you. This is very convenient, plus the quality of the music that you can stream is very high, meaning that the sound you are replaying is not less in quality than the one you would hear at a concert or a show. Not only that but with the good speaker system, you can bring this to the highest levels. But, people who own turntables and vinyl records are saying that it is not only in sound quality. The music you have on online services is there, but it is not really yours. In this day and age of technological development, we have forgotten how it feels to poses something, to truly have something that belongs to you. This moment of ownership might be the reason for the expansion of the vinyl records and turntables since it provides this amazing feeling of possession; having something that is only yours. In addition to this, humans are the beings that love to indulge in all of their senses, being able to hold your possessions can increase the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain and make a closer bond with the object.

2. Being in trend

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Believe it or not, the majority of people who are buying records are young adults and the ones that are younger than twenty-five. This may seem odd since the technology we are talking about has been developed way before they were born, so it will be logical to assume that the main buyers would be people that were actually in contact with the records themselves. This has to do with the uprising trends and how this is processed and followed by younger generations. Millennials are very famous by following the trends and this has led to an increase in the selling and overall popularity of the old-fashioned records and devices that reproduce the music. Even though the trendsetters have set the bar high, younger generations are discovering that there is more in this type of music reproduction rather than just being in trend.

3. Collectors

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Once you start, there is no turning back. Many have quite big collections of records on their hands or somewhere up in the attic or down in the basement. The expansion of this trend is a perfect time to get your collection and restock it. Now, you can find all artists and albums, so this can ease the completion of the collection, especially if you are missing an album or few, or some of the records have been damaged and you would like to replace them. Market research has come to the information that one-third of people who are buying the records are the ones that have more than thirty-five years. This shows us that the trend has woken up the collectors and reinforced the desire to invest in the vinyl records one again. This also seems to have woken up the elderly who are purchasing these as a result of nostalgia and investing in the records as a reminder of the times they were young. They tend to buy records from their time, as they would say, and sometimes when purchasing they may stumble upon the records that they want, but the prices vary a lot. If you have doubts and want to compare a few products, click here aguideproduct.com and choose the right one for you.

4. Overall experience

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People got used to a specific way of listening to music and being able to change the song with one click. Not only that, but the sound quality is way different when it comes to laptop or Bluetooth speakers, headphones and some sophisticated sound system. Turntables and vinyl records provide an incomparable and unique experience, not only when listening to the tracks, but the change of the records, turning them around after they have reached the end. The whole ritual of putting the record on, listening to it and then changing the side once the first one is complete is something that draws people in engaging into this as an activity. The older population is being taken into the time when they were young, and younger people are learning to enjoy in the moment and every single note that is being played.

5. Sound quality

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As mentioned a few times, sound quality cannot be compared since two different technologies are being used in sound recording and reproduction. There are two types, analog, and digital sound. All songs that can be streamed are in this group of digital sound reproduction and the quality can vary from very high to very low. Most of the streaming services have different settings and you can choose the quality of the music reproduced. Analog sound is different in the way that is being recorded and reproduced. The people that did the research and are expert in the area have stated that analog and digital sounds cannot be compared as well as that analog sound is superior when compared to the digital sound.


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Vinyl records and turntables are making a comeback and starting to overcome the market. There are few reasons for this, firstly, the feeling of ownership and having all in your hands may give you a better meaning and appreciation of the ownership. Trendsetters have made this more popular and increased the expansion of the products as well. Many collectors have now taken their old records and started renewing their existing collections. The sound quality cannot be compared to the digital sound of the streaming services and the overall experience is way different.