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When it comes to the list of the most successful American Entrepreneur, the list will remain incomplete without a name, i.e., Mike Moradian. He is quite popular in the United States, and he has achieved great success in his professional life. Now, he is the founder of CampusBuddy, CollegeBudeg, the Executive Director of Honor Society Foundation or, and the author of the Strength & Honor series books.

More about Mike Moradian

Raised in California’s Westlake Village, after completing his school from Westlake High School, he went to the University of California Los Angeles. While studying there, he witnessed grading discrepancy and wanted to come up with a solution that can improve grading transparency. So, then he started to work on a project where he created an academic, social media network. He graduated from UCLA in the year 2008 and then created

The platform offered millions of anonymized grade records that enabled people to know about the GPA distribution from the colleges and universities of the United States. It developed a Facebook integration tool for collecting data.

Moving ahead, in the year 2010, he established to make college life affordable for students. The platform is now helping students by connecting them with leading brands and also helping businesses to get new customers from the college market. In May 2010, it received Y-Combinator backed MnchOeMe title. In 2010, he appeared in America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs list.

In 2012, he became the executive director of The organization helps its members to boost up their potential through leadership, networking, and academic. He and his team are now helping people to enjoy success by connecting them with high achieving and like-minded people. By joining, you can establish offline as well as online connections that will help you in your growth, in terms of professionally and personally.

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The useful books teaching you some great things

Honor Society Booksare written by Mike Moradian, and within after a few days of launch, the books have become quite popular among people, including students and young entrepreneurs. Mike has written books to help people, especially students and job seekers, to achieve the greatest successes in their life. By going through the books, especially the newly launched three Honor Society Books, you will get to know about a lot of things about emails, social media platforms, and career opportunities. These books are:

1. org Scam Alerts: How to Avoid the Top E-mail Scams: 10 Ways to Spot Real or Fake E-mails

It has been witnessed that this modern world depends more on email and uses it as the most popular form of establishing connection and communication. But you should not use it blindly. Before start using email, it is quite important to understand the risks and rewards that are connected with this. Can email offer you the right result, or is this just a fake? The security threat level in the world is rising. So, you need to identify those threats in order to maximize your use. This particular book, written by Mike Moradian, talks about all such things. Mike has covered a lot of things about email security and also talks about how phishers, scammers, and hackers use email to hack your system

By going through the book, you will learn how to detect and prevent phishing emails, when you are being scammed and how to know the quality of the emails. The author has gone through various situations and has given expert insights. You will get the right kind of information about the protection that you need to attain success in your life.

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2. org Reviews: How to Land Your Dream Internship: Your 10-Step Guide to Securing the Perfect Internship

As the competition level has gone up in the job field, it is quite difficult to get a perfect job. But by finding the right internship for you, you can open up the door to the best jobs. But the question is how to find the right internship where getting an internship of your dreams is complicated? This book, which is one of the popular and best-selling Honor Society Books, has the answers for you. This book, from the author Mike Moradian, Executive Director of Honor Society Foundation or, contains ten useful and proven tips that will help you in getting the best internship.

When you have the right type of internship, you will gain the required hands-on experience. This book of Honor Society Strength & Honor Series will definitely help you with real-life information and tip. Give it a try now.

3. org Reddit Review: The Beginner’s Guide to Success on Reddit

Among all the newly launched Honor Society Books, this book is written by Mike Moradian for the young people who are using different social media platforms, especially Reddit, to get success in their lives. Reddit is a platform that is not developed for everyone. This platform is widely used by people who love to challenge norms, make quality conversation, post new ideas, and discuss theories. One can create a huge network using this platform, and this book helps you in that. The book contains information about the app, voting procedure, the lingo, Reddiquette, formatting, and content posting ideas. By accessing all this information, you can master Reddit with a robust Reddit profile.

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Buy these Honor Society Books now and get ready to make your professional life quite successful.