How to Replace a Door Knob

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Door knobs, which also go with the name levers, come in different sizes, types, and designs but have the same function which is to help in opening and locking doors. With door knobs, we can lock the doors for us not just to leave it open giving anyone the chance to break-in.

Most locks for houses are very easy to replace, doorknobs have 2 screws In the back all you need to do is open with a screwdriver does 2 screws, before removing the lock make sure you already have a new one ready to be installed, If you remove the door Knob without placing the new one you might get locked out and won’t be able to open the door anymore.

For Commercial Door Knobs it could be much more complicated because commercials use more secured locks, sometimes you won’t be able to see the screws in the back of the lock they have a metal covered plate in order to remove the locks and that requires special tools that only locksmiths have, commercials also have push bars and handles that are very hard to remove if you don’t have any experience with locks it’s better to contact a Locksmith service provide.

Reasons to Replace a Door Knob

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You just don’t replace a doorknob because you just feel you need to. Here are the factors why you should replace it. You have come to the right place if you want to find out how to replace one.

  • Old Door Knob

It’s one of the many reasons why many homeowners are changing their doorknobs. When they are covered with rust and the opening is not that smooth just like before, better replace it with a new one. Changing your old doorknob will make it more convenient for you,

  • Upgrade

When you’re upgrading, it’s a must that you must change your doorknob. An upgrade is a good idea to make sure that you’re home and the establishment is well-secured.

  • Lost keys

Misplacing your keys can cause a big problem, i.e., thieves could break into your house. In that case, to prevent any mishap, it’s ideal to get your doorknob replaced.

  • Change of Design

Some owners might be changing door knobs for they have spotted a new design in the market. Also, to match the design with the new interior of the house. When your old locks are still functioning keep it a place where it will not rust so it can be used again.

  • New Home

If your new home was formerly owned by someone and the keys are not all surrendered to you it is best to change all your doorknobs to avoid unnecessary incidents. It’s better to be sure than regretting it later.

Basic Steps on How to Replace a Door Knob

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Get the exact measure of the doorknob. Of course, you should know what’s the exact measure or size of the doorknob so it will fit perfectly. If you are not sure with the measure, check the packaging of your old knobs because I’m pretty sure it’s indicated there that’s why it’s important to store old packaging because you might be needing it in the future.

  • Choose the design you want

Door knobs come with different designs, so search online or go to your favorite hardware store to check what are the available designs. If you want them in the same with your old ones, then have a photo of them and show it to the shop.

  • Purchase Door Knob

If you have picked the design, then purchase it but be sure that you got the correct size for it. Also, ask if it has a warranty so you can bring it back if it does not fit in the door.

  • Remove the Old Door Knob

Since you already have the materials, then prepare to change the knob. The first step is to uninstall the old one. Carefully remove it, store it in a proper place because you might be needing it someday.

  • Install

You can now insert the new one. Read for the steps on how to install it. Understand how to do it and check if all the parts are complete. If all are set then install it properly and correctly. If ever you are having difficulty then better call for help, contact the nearest locksmith in your area.

  • Check and Test

After installing the locks, check if it is working properly. If everything is good then you did a good job.

  • Inspect Often

Having a new doorknob is not enough, you must inspect it often to monitor any damage. With this, once you see that there is a minor problem you can fix it immediately.

One tip that you can do for you not to replace all your doorknobs at home is to do rekeying. With rekeying, all you need to do is replace the old pins with new ones. But, there are instances that we really need to totally change the whole lock for it cannot be rekeyed. To make sure to know what is the proper solution to do consult a professional locksmith. Let them inspect your doorknobs to see what’s the right solution for it. If somebody asks you how to replace a doorknob, advise them to seek the help of professional locksmiths instead. Speedy Locksmith are Professionals!

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Doorknobs are one of the key components of our doors. To be fair, they are arguably the most important component as they keep you secured and provide privacy. Without a doorknob, anyone can gain access to the inside, very easily. Purchasing new equipment every time it needs fixing isn’t that easy on your wallet. However, there are situations when rekeying or fixing just doesn’t serve the purpose — and getting them replaced is the only way to go. In that case, by reading this article, you’ve gained enough knowledge to understand the way doorknobs are replaced. Be sure to follow the above-mentioned steps carefully to prevent yourself from facing and unexpected problems.