10 Beautiful Low-Maintenance Plants to Put in Your Backyard

Source: Pond Science

Having a lush green backyard as opposed to a bare backyard is soothing to the eye and has a positive impact on the environment. But to have a beautiful and thriving garden in your backyard does not necessarily mean that you have to put in a lot of effort. There are numerous varieties of flowering plants and shrubs that you can plant which do not require much care and attention from your end. You just need to assess the climatic situation of the space that you are planning to convert into a garden. For example, you cannot plant a shade loving plant in an area that receives bright sunlight throughout the day. Here are a few beautiful and low-maintenance plants you can use to transform your backyard.

Source: Source: Pond Science
  1. Texas Ranger: The Texas Ranger is a plant which gives growing rewards in exchange for little effort. They belong to the figwort family and grow as a small evergreen shrub. They are native to and grow easily in all parts of Texas and hence the name. Its stunning purple and magenta blooms are eye catching which add a splash of color to your backyard. Its silvery leaves are soft to touch and add to the overall appeal of this plant.
  2. Creeping Sedum: Creeping Sedum is a kind of succulent which is known to survive arid conditions and hence are known as stonecrops. These plants are versatile and require little to no work from the gardener as they grow in size. They are the ideal plants which can be grown along the perimeter of your backyard. Their reddish bronze or grayish color makes them stand out and also give a different kind of hue to your backyard. They grow quickly along the ground and hence can be used to cover a brown patch.

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  3. Peppermint: Peppermint is fast growing herb that has many uses. Grown in many parts of the world, the peppermint plant actually belongs to Europe. If you love to grow your own herbs for cooking purposes then this is a must have and easy to grow herb. Peppermint has a dark colored stem and bright green foliage which grows very quickly and can be used to cover the ground. This plant is extremely versatile and sturdy with some varieties requiring just a plain stem cutting to grow roots. They are extremely low maintenance and act not just as a mosquito repellant but also as a great flavoring agent for your virgin mojitos.
  4. Meadow sage: Meadow sage, also known as salvia pratensis, is a species of flowering plants that belongs to the European subcontinent. It also found widely in Asia and Africa. It is an herbaceous perennial shrub having bright green leaves with ruffled edges. The flowers have a royal violet hue which grows vertically in strands. The flowers come in many varieties with the purple and rose colors being the popular ones. Once planted, these shrubs grow very quickly and are therefore considered as weeds in some part of the world. But their bright colored blooms make it worth having them in your backyard.

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  5. Creeping thyme: Thyme is an herb that is used to add flavor and aroma to the food. Apart from its value in the kitchen, it can also be used as a great ground cover. There is nothing like growing something in your backyard that you can add to your meals. The thyme creepers grow well in a warm climate and just need occasional watering. It’s pretty tiny white flowers look extremely elegant against a dark green backdrop. This plant also has a few medicinal properties and can be used to soothe inflammation.
  6. Coneflower: Echinacea or coneflower is beautiful perennial plant which is low maintenance and drought resistance. The flowers have a light purplish tinge which helps in attracting pollinators. The flowers require minor trimming during the late summer months but otherwise can survive without being watered every day. These plants can survive in poor soil conditions and are hence quite sturdy. Although they do not require fertilizers, you can add some if you feel the buds are not blooming properly.

    Source: Texas Tech University Departments
  7. Dusty Miller: Dusty miller or the silver ragwort is a rather stylish plant that resembles large snowflakes. The highlight of this plant is its silvery gray leaves which make it stand out from the rest of the green plants. Once established the dust miller requires very little care and can withstand long drought periods. It looks very good when planted as a backdrop behind leafy green shrubs or as hedges bordering a pathway.
  8. Black Eyed Susan: These plants get their name from the central dark brown to black portion of the flowers. Also known as rudbeckia hirta, these plants are not just low maintenance plants but also disease resistant plants. In addition to this, its flowers appear like the smaller version of daisies and have a bright sunny yellow color which looks magnificent and instantly puts you in a good mood. They are the perfect plants to grow in your backyard if you want to upgrade it with a bright patch of yellow flowers.

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  9. Creeping Jenny: If you are looking for an easy method to beautifully landscape your backyard then Creeping Jenny plant should top your list. Also known as moneywort, this plant doesn’t require much care and tends to grow along any surface. The beautiful green round leaves and yellow flowers give it a pleasing look. They can be grown over walls or spill over from hanging pots. It can also be grown over a trellis in order to make a vertical garden.
  10. Ribbon Grass: Reed canary grass or ribbon grass is a perennial grass which has narrow striped white and green leaves. They are mostly used as ornamental plants and grow well in moist soil or a shady area. The only care that they require is a watering once a week and a little bit of trimming once a year in order to induce the growth of new leaves. They make a great addition to your backyard with its variegated leaves being the highlight. Visit https://trendyhome.ca/landscaping-and-gardening for some great tips on indoor and outdoor gardening.