9 Top Websites for Promoting YouTube Views

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Is it possible to promote my YouTube channel, without paying a lot for it? Are there any free ways to do this? Do I really need to promote the content, or I can wait for it to reach the right audience by using hashtags and optimized descriptions?

People may have a lot of questions related to their YouTube videos. We all know it’s a struggle to promote everything we publish, without spending some money on it. Sometimes, people get plenty of views without even sharing the links with anyone, and we can say they are really lucky because of that. The thing is, it wasn’t long ago when it was so easy just to share your video on Facebook or Twitter, and see how the views count grows every day.

But, the algorithm has changed over the years, and the market is oversaturated for sure. So, do you have a chance to promote and boost your YouTube channel, even though things are making you spend money on that? You can try, but get ready to also pay some dollars for that top promotion.

In this article, we will mention a few of the websites that you can use for YouTube promotion.

1. YTpals

Source: sitejabber.com

A great platform you can use to promote your YT videos, but you still need to pay for it. The good thing is that you can choose different pricing plans, so you can get the most for the dollars you invest. Also, all the views and likes are organic, without a chance for a bot to ruin your reach.

Also, it works great for other social networks, and you can push all your content to the audience in the best way possible.

2. Views.biz

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When you use Views.biz, you can expect to get fast results and grow your channel in a matter of time. But, do you know what’s best for this platform? You don’t only get views, but also likes, comments, shares, and even subscriptions to your channel. Also, you can use it for other social networks. The service is affordable, and you can easily build your audience with just a few dollars spent on this. You only need to launch a campaign and distribute your video, to gain the wanted results.

3. view2.be

Source: benchmark.rs

Another service that helps you build your YouTube watching hours, likes, and comments. The platform was different in the past, but now has a completely new redesign and offers. It’s more focused on growth strategy and Google rankings, but also on the views and likes you receive daily. Also, it’s based on the exchange principle, so you can give the same service to those who need it. It’s pretty interesting, so we recommend trying it yourself.

4. SoNuker

Source: sitejabber.com

Another premium website to help you attract subscribers and grow your audience. You have an option to receive ten real subscribers every 12 hours for free or to buy some of the packages, according to your needs. It’s a safe and secure way to deliver the wanted results, and you can surely use it for other social media networks, not just for YouTube.

5. Subpals

Source: neonmarketing.it

This service is well-known to YouTube users, as it’s among the first ones to attract new subscribers and grow the audience. The users can choose among the many features, so they can tailor the offer to the way they need it. You can check it yourself, and see if it works for you.

6. Twitter

Source: see.news

This is not boosting in a way the previously mentioned services can perform. But, if you have a large Twitter audience and high reach rates, you can use your profile to promote your videos. If you are an influential user, you can still hipe for likes and retweets, and some of these metrics can easily be turned into video views and subscriptions.

7. Facebook

Source: luhoster.com

Use your Facebook profile as a powerful tool to promote your videos. Probably you are already a member of some groups, or you own some fan pages. The good thing is that Facebook won’t limit you in any way, and you can share as many videos as you think works well for your channel.

8. Reddit

Source: howtogeek.com

This forum-like platform is getting a lot of attention recently. Subreddits are a great way to share your YouTube link and show it to the people who may be interested in it. Make sure it’s relevant to the topic covered. As you receive upvotes, you are exposing your video content. And of course, don’t let the downvotes discourage you in any way.

9. Quora

Source: wired.com

It’s not really popular like the other networks, but it’s surely helpful to promote your video. The best thing is that you can ask questions and initiate discussions, and put your link as a relevant resource. Maybe you don’t expect much, but it’s surely helpful to include it in your YT promotion strategy.

What else you can do?

Make sure you create quality and relevant videos, so you can satisfy the viewers’ criteria. Even if you are an expert in something, you can easily make mistakes, especially if you are inexperienced in video editing. So, you have to be focused on the topic but also work on the video quality. That’s one of the ways to attract the relevant audience by your side.

There are millions of videos published on YouTube, and you need to make sure you stand out, so you can get some benefits from it. Surely, interesting and catchy titles and thumbnails are a must, to improve the overall effect you have over the subscribers.

At the end of this article, we will only say that it’s worth trying every approach that leads to more audience and bigger exposure. If you have quality videos and a lot of knowledge to share, then your content will find its way to the people who need it.

You only have to take care of the fine things for sure, and give it a little boost, when needed. And when it doesn’t work, do it all over again, and it will surely bring the wanted results soon.